Here’s How Much An Akasa Air Pilot Generally Makes

by Vinita Jain
Here’s How Much An Akasa Air Pilot Generally Makes

Ever wondered what pilots make? Well, we can surely share what an Akasa pilot takes home. Akasa Air, India’s newest airline, leads the way in increasing pilot salaries, marking a reversal of the pandemic aviation crisis. The Global pandemic saw wage cuts and job losses around the world. According to an ET report, Akasa Air will raise pilot salaries by an average of 60% since October. Captains will take home at ₹ 4.5 lakh a month and first officers at ₹ 1.8 lakh.

How Much Do Akasa Air Pilots Generally Make?

Presently, captains make about ₹ 2.79 and pilots get ₹ 1.11.  Salaries can be higher depending on experience and hours flown, with a cap of 70 hours a month. Captains can earn up to ₹8 lakh, which is about 28 percent more than the current salary of ₹6.25 lakh in Akasa Air. The airline is planning expansion and increasing salaries will attract people working in the airline sector.

Akasa Air currently owns four Boeing 737 Max aircraft and plans to add 18 more by March 2023. Airlines typically require 12 pilots per aircraft, including reserves.

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Competition From Rivals Forces Akasa Air To Raise Salaries

As the air traffic recovers amid the fleet expansion, Gulf airlines have begun hiring. This will likely trigger pay increases at other carriers to ensure they have enough pilots.

Akasa Air pilots get up to 80% higher salaries than SpiceJet, which operates the same type of aircraft, the Boeing 737. However, the salary is about 10% lower than that of market leader IndiGo.

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Akasa’s salary package is 8-10% higher than what IndiGo pays to their captains. However, IndiGo has claimed that it would restore the salaries to pre-pandemic levels; which is restore the 28% wage cut. In fact, Tata has also started hiring pilots in order to expand, and Middle Eastern airlines are also rapidly hiring. There is little choice left for Akasa Air but to raise salaries to attract more pilots.

Akasa Air
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Akasa Air plans to employ approximately 300-350 flight attendants and pilots by March 2023.

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Seems like a good time to enter the aviation industry and become an Akasa Air pilot, don’t you think?