Will The Launch Of Akasa Air Bring Down Domestic Air Fare?

by Shreya Ghosh
Will The Launch Of Akasa Air Bring Down Domestic Air Fare?

Travelling by flight is always an expensive mode of transportation. Not only international tickets, but even domestic flights also cost a bomb most of the time, especially for the last-minute travel plans. But some are assuming that we might get to see some changes after the launch of Akasa Air. Well, it is only a matter of time if India’s newest airline succeeds in giving competition to India’s already existing airlines such as IndiGo.

Akasa Air Started Functioning Recently

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed airline started operations recently on 7 August 2022 with the commercial flight departing from Mumbai and arriving at Ahmedabad. As of now, the carrier is now functional between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. In the upcoming weeks, they are launching more commercial flights for Bangalore, Chennai, and Kochi. 28 weekly flights will operate between the route of Bengaluru and Kochi from 13 August. Also, flights will fly on Bengaluru-Mumbai, Bengaluru-Ahmedabad, and Chennai-Mumbai routes very soon.

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Does This Airline Have The Potential To Challenge The Opposition?

Asaka Air entered the market with the claim to be a low-cost airline. And since the inaugural flight, they are giving tough competition to other budget carriers. Considering the only operational route at the moment, the ticket prices of Akasa Air to travel between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is quite lesser than other airlines’ lowest prices. Surprisingly, the new airline managed to bring down its prices to about ₹500 lesser than the existing airlines even after the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the high price of jet fuel.

Such pricing since the inaugural is rising the thought of whether the new launch will reduce ticket prices for all. Many are quite optimistic that Akasa Air will bring down the flight fares. Recently, the airfares increased exponentially and if this airline brings down fares, it will be a great help for passengers. Also, Akasa Air is planning to initiate international flights in 2023.

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Akasa Air is entering the aviation industry when IndiGo is already the biggest budget airline. When it comes to domestic flights, most people’s first choice is IndiGo and this airline also holds over half of the domestic market share. The market in India is price-sensitive and Akasa’s match with other budget airlines’ pricing will boost the competition.