Here’s How Priyanka Chopra Spends Her Time In Long Flights

by Shreya Ghosh
Here’s How Priyanka Chopra Spends Her Time In Long Flights

The international star Priyanka Chopra Jonas is often seen juggling and travelling to different countries simultaneously for her profession. During the pandemic in 2021, Priyanka had to juggle between London, for her work and projects, and back to her home in Los Angeles. In a conversation with Condé Nast traveller, the actress shared how she wants to go anywhere and take a holiday for fun.

Priyanka is actually working on a new campaign with Accor Live Limitless (ALL), the loyalty program for the Accor hospitality group. She is inspiring and cheering travellers to chase adventures and plan dreamy vacations. During the conversation, Priyanka said to Condé Nast traveller, “I feel like (with) COVID, so many of us are scared to travel for leisure. I want to take a holiday for fun. I would go anywhere, honestly, but Hawaii would be awesome. We were planning on going and then it didn’t happen”

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Is An Efficient Packer

Priyanka describes herself as an efficient packer and plans everything beforehand. The philanthropist shared that she loves to make lists while planning for a trip. She plans in such a way that she knows how things are going to be and exactly what are the things that she needs to carry with her. She believes in carrying a few basic things like shoes, bags, and a pair of jeans that goes well and mix and matches with so many outfits. In fact, she loves everything to pre-plan so that she doesn’t feel the need to buy and source for anything necessary in the new city.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Has A Routine For Her Long Flights

In the past and also in the present, Priyanka often juggles from Los Angeles to Mumbai or from her home to London to reach Europe. These flights are really long and quite hectic but she has her own strategies to make them comfortable. Priyanka shared that she actually loves long flights. During a long-haul flight, she makes sure to grab some snacks and a glass of wine before boarding the flight. The first thing she does is to change into comfortable clothes. Changing into comfy clothes help her to experience a comfortable journey and also her actual clothes do not get stained. Then, she follows it by moisturising her hands and feet, and then she put her socks on to get ready.

We all know that she is a huge foodie and the next thing she does is check the menu and know what they are serving for food. Meanwhile, she also scrolls through some movies and watches one or two. After she is done with everything she takes a good sleep and wakes up about an hour before the landing. She changes into her clothes, freshens up, takes a shot of expresso, and she is absolutely ready for starting a new day.

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Priyanka Thinks That Tourists Should Venture To These Places In India

She suggested tourists travel to Goa, Mumbai, the Himalayas, and Kerala. India is so diverse and has lots of Indian experiences to offer. She shared that one can either enjoy fancy culinary experiences or spiritual and humble places. India has an array of travel destinations and you can spend a lifetime exploring the country. She feels that simply getting lost in India is really fun.

She Thinks This Destination Is Underrated

Priyanka Chopra absolutely loves Singapore and she thinks that it is quite an underrated travel destination. She loves and truly enjoys the hospitality of the people and enjoys their cuisine as well. She once visited the country for a movie and stayed for 40 days. During this time she got to know the city and the people and she feels that the country has a lot to offer as a travel destination. She recommends ‘Raffles Singapore’ too!