Here’s How To Make Sweet & Fluffy Steamed Taro Buns At Home

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s How To Make Sweet & Fluffy Steamed Taro Buns At Home

Attention, all dessert lovers out there. Today, we’re going to tell y’all about a dish, a single bite of which can transport you to the seventh heaven. Have you heard about taro buns? These soft, silky buns are loaded with a delish, delicately sweet mauve cream. And once inside the mouth, they just melt. And sometimes, they come in cute shapes too, like the ones offered at Fu Rong Hua restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. These adorable piglet-shaped dumplings are too good to resist.


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Want to make these scrumptious buns at home? These 5 recipes can help you out.

Best Recipes For Taro Buns

1. Taro Buns By Oh My Food Recipes


Taro buns contain a special sweet paste called taro paste, prepared with taro ( a vegetable), coconut milk and sugar. And chefs prepare these taro buns with the unique Tangzhong technique. Taro is a type of sweet potato. Taro paste has a beautiful mauve hue.

2. Steamed Taro Bun By TANIcookin’


These are one of the fluffiest desserts on the planet. And they’re comfortably sweet on the taste buds. If there is a dessert for the soul, it has to be a taro bun.

3. Taro Bun By AomyWorldTube

Unlike other desserts, taro buns aren’t very high in calories. The sugar content in these buns isn’t very high. The subtle flavour of these buns makes them stand out from the rest.

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4. Taro Bread By Petite Buns


Taro buns are healthy too. They’re packed with fibre, vitamin B and vitamin C. It is one dish that is nutritious and delectable at the same time.

5. Taro Swirl Bread By Kelly S

You can also use food colouring if you want your taro paste to be deep purple. These Instaworthy buns are great for breakfast and can please your guests too.

So, get the ingredients together and make these buns ASAP at home. Don’t forget to share the pictures with us!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Suchismita Pal and Wikimedia Commons