5 Facts To Know About Poee Buns In Goa

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Facts To Know About Poee Buns In Goa

Every place has its own speciality, be it its food, language, weather, scenic surroundings, and so much more. While visiting a new place, we always try to taste new cuisines and gorge on various new dishes. Well, when in Goa, there’s so much to relish besides seafood, bacon and pork preparations. Introducing you to Goan Poee Buns, these are fluffy buns that taste delicious with curries.

5 Facts To Know About Poee Buns In Goa

1. What Are These Buns?

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Poee is an authentic bread found in Goa. These round-leavened pieces of bread are extremely soft and melt in your mouth on every bite.

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2. Goan Poee Tastes Delicious With These Dishes

Pair your Goan curries with some poee buns and we are certain you will love relishing these food items. Be it a classic Indian curry or some continental gravies, these buns taste delish with all these recipes.

3. Where To Eat These In Goa?

Unsure about where to try this Goan delicacy? Well, Orritel Village Square serves the fluffiest poee buns. When in Goa, you can try it at this resort. To know more about this Goan stay, click here.

You can even taste these buns in popular eateries such as Black Sheep Bistro, Old Bakery, and Rita Bakery.

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4. How To Prepare Poee?

A mixture of bran, whole wheat flour, and maida is used to prepare the dough. It is fermented well for the fluffiness and the soft texture. The flattened dough is then baked in an oven of wood. These buns also have a hollow cavity in the centre.

5. Bread Is A Major Part Of Goan Cuisine

Goan cuisine is a wide spread of different dishes and among everything, bread is a prominent part of this cuisine. You may know that bread entered Goa with Portuguese invaders. They introduced bread in Goa back in the early 17th century. And ever since then, any kind of bread is very popular in this cuisine.

Poee is a well-known food of Goan cuisine. If you haven’t tasted it yet, taste it ASAP!

Cover Image Courtesy:  Wikimedia Commons