Here’s How To Replace Your Driving License Issued By Another Country In The UAE

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How To Replace Your Driving License Issued By Another Country In The UAE

Are you trying to apply for a driving license in UAE? But what if you already have one from your home country? Here’s a way to convert your driving license from another country in the UAE. The eligibility to exchange your current driving licence for a UAE driving licence.

Only UAE Residents Can Apply

Applicants will need a current Emirates ID, their original foreign driver’s license from a recognised nation, and a certified Arabic license translation to use the programme. The first license must be current and perpetual.


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Additionally, candidates must be UAE citizens and have passed an eye exam. The service is accessible through the Abu Dhabi Police website, the Abu Dhabi Police innovative application, or customer service centres.

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Swap Your Driving License In Abu Dhabi

Apply on the Abu Dhabi government’s official online portal, You can apply to swap out your current foreign driver’s licence for a UAE driving licence. You must be a resident of Abu Dhabi in order to use the service. Start the online application. Take an eye exam. Obtain your licence. The cost of converting your driving license to a UAE license. The price is divided into an Eye exam: Dh100 and a Driving licence: 600 dirhams.

The Traffic Licensing Department of the Abu Dhabi Police has accredited optical stores, which is the required document.

• A certified Arabic translation of the international licence;
• An Emirates ID;
• A copy of the passport
• Photocopy (two copies)

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