Here’s The Difference Between Entry Permit And Residency Visa In The UAE

by Ishita Agarwal
Here’s The Difference Between Entry Permit And Residency Visa In The UAE

One of the most well-liked nations among expatriates globally is the UAE. The UAE is placed sixth out of 52 nations for most incredible places to live in the Expat Insider 2022 poll by InterNations, which found that 71% of ex-pats are satisfied with their lives there. The Gulf nation of the UAE grants foreigners many forms of entry permits and visas so they may visit, work, and live here since it is a magnet for workers, investors, and tourists alike. 

What is an Entry Permit? 

Foreign nationals may lawfully enter and remain in the UAE for a certain amount of time with the help of an entrance permit, which is a document granted by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security of the UAE. The document may be printed or stored electronically. Some nations may not need entrance permits since they can get visas at one of the UAE’s airports upon arrival. 

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Who Can Apply For The Entry Permit in UAE? 

One may apply for an Entry Permit if they have been invited by someone who lives in the UAE or by any organisation (it might be a public or private company, a family, a tour company, a hotel, or an airline operating in the UAE). 


How Long Is The Entry Permit Validity? 

The kind of the permit determines the duration of the entry permit. For instance, the validity is likely to be two months if the stated purpose for the entrance permission is employment. The employer must apply for a resident visa within these two months to avoid penalties or fines. For other permission kinds, the validity term could be different. 

What is The Residence Visa 

Foreign nationals with a valid entry visa and residing lawfully in the nation may apply for a residence visa. So, following receiving an entry permit, requesting a residence visa is often the logical next step. First, however, you must understand the differences between an entry permit and a residence visa in order to make that distinction. 

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Who Can Apply For the Residence Visa in UAE? 

Sponsors who fulfil the GDRFA requirements are the only ones who may apply for a residence visa. This may apply to both corporations and people. Universities, for instance, can request student visas. Similarly, businesses may get visas for the people they recruit. Last but not least, residents of the UAE may apply for family members’ residence visas. 

What are the Benefits of Acquiring a Residence Visa? 

You require a residence visa if you want to remain in the UAE for an extended period. With a residence visa, one may establish a bank account, get a bank loan, get a driver’s licence, use the healthcare system, and travel to many other nations without a visa. 

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