Here’s Why Dubai Bling’s Safa Siddiqui Decided The Move To Dubai From London | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s Why Dubai Bling’s Safa Siddiqui Decided The Move To Dubai From London | Curly Tales

I am sure you all must have enjoyed Netflix’s famous show, Dubai Bling. Safa Siddiqui from the show is unquestionably the show’s fashionista, and she is unapologetic. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani, on this episode of Curly Tales Middle East Sunday Brunch, met the glamorous Safa at her luxurious house in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The two had some fun conversations, during which Safa also gave us a sneak peek into her journey from London to Dubai. 

This Is Why Safa Siddiqui Came To Dubai

Kamiya Jani and Safa Siddiqui were sitting on the beach at the latter’s stunning Palm Jumeirah home. Kamiya asked her the reason behind coming to Dubai from London. Safa’s first reaction to this question was, “Oh my god, what a journey it was!”. Safa came to Dubai on a holiday after she broke up with someone. She wanted to leave London and move somewhere else to start a new and fresh journey. 

Safa wanted to move to Dubai before she visited here, but her parents were not convinced to send her alone. So when she came here on a holiday. She told her parents that she could live in Dubai with her brother. Safa’s mother agreed on the condition that she find work in Dubai. After struggling for some time, she landed a job in real estate. 

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No Scripts, Only Reality

Many of you must have thought the show was scripted at least once while watching Dubai Bling. Well, instead of making assumptions, we thought of asking this question to Safa Siddiqui. Safa said, “You can’t script it, unfortunately.” She said that the show was not scripted, and we know, none of them are actors or actresses. It was a show that showed their day to day lives, what they do, and the problems they face. 

Well, we totally believe that. The two then went on a yacht in the Dubai waters and enjoyed some luscious food together while having some interesting conversations. If you want to know more, all you have to do is watch the episode on YouTube now! 

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