Started From The Bottom As A Sales Person & Now ‘The Queen Of Versace’, Zeina Khoury Talks About Her Journey| Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Started From The Bottom As A Sales Person & Now ‘The Queen Of Versace’, Zeina Khoury Talks About Her Journey| Curly Tales

Every person who has reached pinnacles of success, started from a point where everything felt impossible. But hard work and faith in oneself never disappoint. The story of Dubai Bling star Zeina Khoury is similar.On this episode of Curly Tales Middle East Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief met the bold and beautiful Zeina Khoury for a scrumptious brunch at Palazzo Versace Dubai. What did Zeina have to say about her journey?

Zeina Khoury On Her Journey Of Life

When you meet someone successful, you cannot help but ask about their success story. Our Editor-in-Chief asked Zeina Khoury about her journey, and she, without much ado, shared it with us. She said that after her graduation she got into many things, like getting a professional makeup certificate, enrolling in a graphic design course, and also working as a reporter. Zeina also worked with Palazzo Dubai in their sales, marketing, and development teams.

After she spent 15–16 years with Palazzo Versace Dubai, people started recognising her as Zeina of Versace, and that’s how she got the title “The Queen of Versace.” She came from Lebanon to Dubai due to constant political unrest and promised herself she would never need anyone financially in life. “I came to Dubai with $300 and I made it to millions”, Zeina Khoury proudly says. 

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Dubai Bling Was Not Scripted

Just as curious as we were, our Editor-in-chief asked Zeina Khoury about how she got into the famous Netflix show. She said that people from Dubai Bling got in touch with her, and when she got to know that they were from Netflix, she knew she was doing it. When asked whether the show was scripted, Zeina denied it. Everything that happened on the show or the reactions were all natural. The people who already knew her, told her that they could see by her reactions that it was all true. 

Zeina and Kamiya had some fun and interesting conversation while gorging on some delicious dishes. To know more about Zeina, all you have to do is watch the episode now! 

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