This 7-Year-Old Dubai Girl Is The World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor!

by Anupriya Mishra
This 7-Year-Old Dubai Girl Is The World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor!

It is believed that practising yoga has many benefits. From being a step towards a healthy lifestyle to the internal peace that follows for practitioners, there are several reasons to follow a yoga regime. While this is practised by people of all age groups, yoga instructors have to go through some intensive training and discipline, that is not for the fainthearted. However overcoming all these challenges, a seven-year-old Dubai girl has set the Guinness World Record for being the world’s youngest yoga instructor. Here’s everything about her inspiring story.

A 7-Year-Old Yogini From Dubai


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Praanvi Gupta, a seven-year-old girl from Dubai, is an accredited yoga teacher within a US-based Yoga alliance programme. In fact, she takes weekly training sessions for the children’s batch at the Vedic Yoga Centre. As it happens, Praanvi started her yoga journey when she was as young as four years old. Inspired by her mother, Priyanka Sengar, who practises yoga every day, Praanvi’s passion grew by the day and she, too, started practising yoga independently.

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Guinness World Record For Being World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor

Watching her share enthusiasm for yoga with family and friends, Praanvi was encouraged to join a yoga institute. She trained under Dr Vincent, a yoga master with 24 years of experience and a doctorate degree. She then prepared to become a yoga teacher, but her journey has not been an easy one. She juggled regular school with extracurricular activities and yoga practises. Finally, she gained verification and after a couple of months, her parents applied for Guinness World Records. As a result, she was awarded the record of the world’s youngest yoga instructor!

Moreover, she also has a YouTube channel by the name of ‘Learning With Praanvi,’ and she aims to inspire young yoga enthusiasts to take their journey to the next level. Doesn’t the story of this grade II student from Gems Wellington International School in Dubai, sound inspiring? This young girl certainly teaches everybody the lesson of following their passion, regardless of their age.

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