Here’s Why Huma Qureshi Didn’t Get A Tattoo Done | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s Why Huma Qureshi Didn’t Get A Tattoo Done | Curly Tales

What could be better than going to Juhu Beach on a bicycle in the perfect not-so-sunny weather on a Sunday with your friend? Nothing! Well, our editor-in-chief, Kamiya Janiya, did exactly this on our recent episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch. Huma Qureshi, the bindass and talented guest this time, cycled through the beach wi th Kamiya.The duo had loads of fun as Huma made some amazing confessions, including one related to her tattoo. Keep reading to learn more.

Huma Qureshi And Tattoo

As the show is about food and loads of talks, Huma Qureshi and Kamiya were relishing some delicacies near the beach. Suddenly, Kamiya decided to play a game of confessions with Huma. Just as the two were about to begin the game, a crow interrupted their feast. Our editor-in-chief reintroduced the guests on the show as Huma and Kauwa (Crow), and that was surely a very hilarious moment.

While asking her questions, Kamiya asked Huma if she had ever gotten a tattoo. Pat came Huma’s answer: “No, I don’t want to, but I am confused.” Huma clearly stated that she does not know what tattoo to make because, as a person, she gets bored very easily. She spoke about people getting quotes or the names of their loved ones as tattoos.

 She said that she fears what will happen if the two break up, if she cannot wipe off the tattoo, or if the quote doesn’t hold any meaning anymore.

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Huma Sometimes Does Not Feel Like Showering

Kamiya asked Huma Qureshi if she had ever forgotten to brush her teeth. To this, Huma casually replied, “Yes.” She then told our editor-in-chief that when she is home, many times she does not feel like brushing. The next confession she made was that she doesn’t even shower. Huma loves to watch TV on her holidays at home in her dirty t-shirt. She said, “I am a sloth.”

Kamiya said that no guy with OCD would ever date her now. Well, is it that easy to get off the charm that Huma’s personality holds? Fun confession, right? Well, for more such gup-shups and confessions, go and watch the video on YouTube now.

Huma Qureshi
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