Sisters Kajol And Tanishaa Mukerji’s Childhood Stories Are Hilariously Relatable | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sisters Kajol And Tanishaa Mukerji’s Childhood Stories Are Hilariously Relatable | Curly Tales

I am sure you have a sibling — you must have fought with them just a while ago or will be about to fight after reading this. Fighting with each other and never agreeing on anything is our love language with our siblings. Kajol is Tanishaa Mukerji’s elder sister, and their relationship is no different. As Kajol graced her presence on our Curly Tales Sunday Brunch show, she shared some hilarious childhood stories with us. Here’s a snippet!

Kajol And Tanishaa Mukerji’s Childhood Stories

Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, actress Kajol, and Vishal Jethwa, were gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies while talking about their personal lives. Just then, Kamiya asked Kajol if she still fights with her sister, Tanishaa Mukerji. Pat came her reply, “And how?” She said that she and her sister could not stand each other during their childhood.

She said that their relationship is now much better because they both live in separate houses. Tanuja, Tanishaa’s mother, warned Kajol not to raise her hand on Tanishaa. “You can shout as much as you want at her, but you cannot raise a hand to her.” To this end, she threw Tanishaa’s clothes out of her bedroom.\

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Looking At Motherhood As An Exam

Kamiya asked Kajol to share her reaction to becoming a mother to her first child, Nysa. She said that she looked at motherhood as an exam that, no matter what, she would pass.  The little child that she gave birth to was her responsibility, and she was ready to fight anyone. Kajol was determined that she would not adjust or give up.

Kamiya Jani, Kajol, and Vishal Jethwa had a great time as they spoke about life, career, and Salaam Venky while relishing some yummy dishes. To know more, all you have to do is watch the Curly Tales Sunday Brunch episode.


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