Kamiya Jani Relished Oshiwara’s Authentic Bengali Food With Anupamaa AKA Rupali Ganguly

by Tooba Shaikh

Anupamaa’s face is as much a part of the Indian household as the concept of dal. Her characters like Anupamaa and Monisha from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai are well-loved throughout the country and among all age groups. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani and actress Rupali Ganguly sit down for some delicious Bengali food. It is clear that both Kamiya and Anupamaa err… Rupali share a passion for food. Watch Kamiya being introduced to some delightful Bengali food with Anupamaa urf Rupali Ganguly.

Bengali Food With Anupamaa Urf Rupali: Her Multicultural Roots

During the interview, Rupali reveals that she is a product of multiple cultures. She was born in Rangoon after which her family moved to Calcutta. She tells us that her paternal grandmother was from Burma and married a Bengali. Her maternal grandmother, on the other hand, was a Muslim while her maternal grandfather was a Maratha. She has been brought up in Mumbai and has been around Gujaratis all her life, so she’s very assimilated with Maharashtrian and Gujarati culture.

food with Anupamaa
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She even confessed to incorporating certain habits of people she’s known in real life into her acting! What an artist!

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Rupali’s Experience As A Waitress

Not all stars with parents in the film industry have it easy and Rupali Ganguly is a living proof of that. She recalls her time as a boutique salesperson and as a waitress. This was during the time when her family was going through a financial crisis and she wanted to help out by pulling her own weight.

food with Anupamaa
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With such humble beginnings, she then started doing plays which ignited her passion for acting. While acting in her first play, she got noticed by the eminent Shobha De who got her a role in the show that she was writing called Sukanya. Such was the beginning of her acting career in TV shows and the rest is history.

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Rupali, Curly Tales applauds your legendary career and hopes that the viewers were as inspired by your journey as we were.

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