Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Koli Let Loose & Enjoy A Perfect Sunday Brunch With Kamiya Jani In Mumbai

by Sanmita A
Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Koli Let Loose & Enjoy A Perfect Sunday Brunch With Kamiya Jani In Mumbai

A pool, a bar, and a picnic-style set are up for two of Curly Tales’ most loved guests, Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli. The entire pad, Curly Tales, was decked in the most aesthetic way, with food, drinks and a nice seating area. Kamiya Jani, Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli spoke of their guest lists and named the actors they wanted to be with, along with tons and tons of gossip. Every part of this Sunday Brunch with Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli is full of surprises.

Prajakta Koli & Rohit Saraf Visit The Curly Tales Pad In Mumbai

We asked the Mismatched Jodi the most exciting questions. Them, being them, made sure to entertain us with the most interesting answers. We loved their chemistry and their knowledge of each others’ food choices, favourite people and even how the could guess each others’ guest lists. And for those of you, wondering about Rohit Saraf’s relationship, he’s SINGLE. As the actors spoke of each others’ liking for food and stars, Kamiya Jani hosted them a delicious brunch, curated according to their likings. While a scrumptious spread of seafood was ordered for Prajakta Koli, for Rohit Saraf, we had a spread of some delicious cuisine from Yeti.

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Throwback Times, Eating & Making Confessions

Rohit Saraf

As the interview goes on, you will be amazed to watch how the conversations turn into stories. Kamiya, Prajakta and Rohit talk about the first time they meet each other and their first impressions. Well, we all wish to know about first impressions right? And you will be shocked to know Rohit’s first impression of Prajakta. In fact, we all were! Rohit also speaks on how he always wanted to be on TV, but Prajakta never built any expectations as a child. We love how candid the two get with our host, Kamiya Jani. If you are a fan of this Mismatched jodi, this interview is surely going to make you smile.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India