Here’s Why Shilpa Shetty Never Puts On Nude Lipsticks

by Ankita Mazumdar
Here’s Why Shilpa Shetty Never Puts On Nude Lipsticks

Shilpa Shetty began her career in modelling before making her name in the industry of Bollywood. With movies like Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Life in a… Metro, Jaanwar, and more she has worked hard to make a place for herself. Recently, Shilpa Shetty and Kusha Kapila joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani on this hilarious Sunday Brunch episode. Watch the whole video linked below to learn about their new film, Sukhee, their social media presence, and more.

Here’s Why Shilpa Shetty Never Puts On Nude Lipsticks

We played a fun game with the beautiful ladies, Shilpa Shetty and Kusha Kapila called ‘Sugar and Spice’ powered by Sugar Cosmetics. They had to choose one option out of two given options. The question was: Dark or Nude lipstick, to which Shilpa replied she doesn’t have lips and that it would be better to go with dark lipstick.

This answer jokingly shocked Kusha as she went on to exclaim, “What are you saying!” We also had the same reaction as Kusha. Shilpa went on to say, “Imagine if I wear like a muted tone…” and then went on to suck her lips in so that it looks like she doesn’t have lips at all. The laughter went through the roof.

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During this episode, Shilpa Shetty made everyone rolling on the floor laughing. For this, she made another statement that maybe for today, Kusha’s soul has jumped into her because she was making so many funny jokes. We believe that it just might be the influence Kusha has!

This Is What Kusha Wants Instead Of Soul Exchange

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Following the above situation, Kusha went on to add that if their attributes are being exchanged then she would like to have Shilpa’s metabolism and nothing else. She was specific about how quick and efficient Shilpa’s organs are. Shilpa’s metabolism makes her look and feel fabulous so that even Kusha gets that perfect body. 

Kusha, honestly you look just as beautiful as Shilpa, it is all about being healthy and being fit. The focus should always be on how to be fit and stay healthy, even if you indulge in your food cravings once in a while. 

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Comment down below if you prefer nude lipstick or rather a darker shade of you.

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