From Garam Garam Jalebis To Thandi Kulfi, Shilpa Shetty Names Her Favourite Dishes

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Garam Garam Jalebis To Thandi Kulfi, Shilpa Shetty Names Her Favourite Dishes

On this Sunday Brunch episode, the extremely talented Kusha Kapila with Shilpa Shetty met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They both star in the film, Sukhee. This is Shilpa’s first film of 2023, where she plays a Punjabi housewife. They talked about their food chronicles, played a fun food game, delved into childhood dreams, and more. Catch the video live below.

Shilpa Shetty Shares Her Favourite Dishes With Us

Shilpa Shetty is known for her well-maintained body and how she follows strict dietary routines. At one point she was uploading YouTube videos on yoga and encouraging more people to take up yoga. Fitness is a crucial part of her. On that note, we wanted to know what food items she likes to indulge in. 

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She went on to list some food items that will never go out of style for her. Shilpa loves to gorge on piping-hot, right-off-the-flame jalebis along with a “good, real kind of rabdi”. She specifically mentioned that the rabdi should not be made of cornflour. Yes, Shilpa, we do love a great thick rabdi.

Shilpa added that this kind of jalebi rabdi is best from the Agra and Delhi sides. At this point, everyone was drooling and we couldn’t help but crave a hot plate of jalebi and rabdi. She then also talked about thandi kulfi, five different types of kulfis stacked together and topped with a dollop of faluda. She ended up making a loud slurping noise. Honestly, we did too!

She Relished A Giant Bhatura On This Episode

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This episode of Sunday Brunch was bound to have some Delhi v/s Mumbai food clashes because Kusha is from Delhi and the rest are Chembur (Mumbai) girls. We wanted to prove to Kusha that Mumbai’s Chhole Bhature could be as good as Delhi’s. The moment Cream Centre’s Bhatura came out, Shipla exclaimed, “Ore baap rey, yeh kya!” She told us that this was the biggest bhatura she had ever seen and then happily went on to burst it.

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Comment down below your favourite chhole bhature places in Mumbai and Delhi.

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