Kusha Kapila Talks About Mumbai’s Obsession With Sitaphal

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kusha Kapila Talks About Mumbai’s Obsession With Sitaphal

Kusha Kapila rose to fame with her hilarious and outstanding videos mimicking South Delhi and SoBo aunties. Her on-point accent modifications are incredible and the way she enacts them are viral-worthy. Recently, Kusha Kapila with Shilpa Shetty joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this Sunday Brunch Episode. They promoted their new film, Sukhee, while Sunday Brunching and delving into childhood dreams, food, mental health, and more.

Kusha Kapila Talks About Mumbai’s Obsession With Sitaphal

While we were indulging in our Sunday Brunch spread with Chhole Bhature, Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, and more, there had to be a debate on Delhi v/s Mumbai food. Kusha is from Delhi and the rest are from Mumbai. Kusha is very fascinatingly shocked by Mumbai’s obsession with the fruit, Sitaphal which is the Custard Apple.

She said that Mumbai is truly and madly obsessed with Sitaphal. She goes on to add that Sitaphal has been transformed into milkshakes and ice creams, and of course, the majorly-loved-by-all Sitaphal cream. Kusha, you might be missing out on the magic of these Sitaphal wonders, you gotta try them!

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Kusha Kapila also knows about the famous Haji Ali Juice Centre and its delicious creams of different flavours. She said that this is something completely different and Delhi has absolutely no clue about these flavoured thick creams.

She Cannot Resist Delhi’s Chhole Bhature, No Matter What!

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Kusha Kapila narrated an incident from the sets of Sukhee, where she just couldn’t resist Chhole Bhature, ordered from Delhi. They had to shoot a scene where she had to eat Bhature. While she was off gluten and carbs, the moment the tempting smell hit her nostrils, she forgot all about gluten or carbs.

She even went on to ask if the Chhole Bhature were from Delhi because she could recognise the smell. Kusha couldn’t help but gorge on the yummy plate of Chhole Bhatures. Upon seeing Kusha eat Chhole Bhature, Shilpa questioned her about her diet restrictions.

To which Kusha replied, “Yeh Dilli se hai, yeh banda Dilli ka hai. It’s disrespecting.” We very much agree with you Kusha. Dilli wale Chhole Bhature hit differently and the nap that comes after polishing off the plate is extremely peaceful.

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Catch this electrifying Sunday Brunch on Curly Tales’ YouTube and get to know more about them. Comment down below your favourite food from Delhi or Mumbai.

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