Heritage Structure Gilbert Hill In Mumbai Is 66 Million Years Old & It Is In The Heart Of The City

by Jinal Inamdar
Heritage Structure Gilbert Hill In Mumbai Is 66 Million Years Old & It Is In The Heart Of The City

The video above is based on popular fiction and the rumours that surround Gilbert Hill. Here’s all you need to know about Mumbai’s most under-rated piece of history – Gilbert Hill.

Under 140 Characters

Mumbai has a 66 million year old secret – Gilbert Hill and it is in the heart of the city.  This ancient rock can only be found in three places around the world and one is in Andheri.

What Is It? 

66 million years ago, the world was plagued with volcanoes which witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs and the Mesozoic Era. While that doesn’t sound like much of a happy ending, something magical did happen. The Earth squeezed out three mammoth pieces of black basalt from its core at three locations across the world. The Devil’s Postpile in California,  The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and The Gilbert Hill in Andheri. 
Gilbert hill mumbai curly tales
Gilbert Hill, Andheri

What’s In It? 

This 200-feet monolith of black basalt rock was a lot more visible two decades ago. What was a mammoth piece of rock at that time, is now shadowed by mammoth buildings instead. This black basalt rock has been classified as a Grade II heritage structure. A flight of 180 steps take you to the top of hill which gives you panoramic views of Suburban Bombay. The hill top is also home to two temples.

You can walk to it, watch it or even touch it. In fact many pass by this heritage structure everyday…yet no one knows the significance of Gilbert Hil

Where Is It?

Gilbert Hill, Sagar City, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047
You can take a bus from Andheri West railway station, walk it out or take a rickshaw and witness this marvel yourself.


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