HH Sheikh Hamdan Announces House Loan Exemptions For 426 Citizens In Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
HH Sheikh Hamdan Announces House Loan Exemptions For 426 Citizens In Dubai

Dubai is known for its glamour and grandeur. But it’s impossible to overlook the fact that the government introduces initiatives for the populace to have a healthy and decent lifestyle here. The royal family is always on their best foot forward to help people by introducing accustomed initiatives based on their needs. A big announcement was done by the crown prince of Dubai. It stated the exemption of house loans for around 426 citizens that fall under the lower income category. Here’s why!

Sheikh Hamdan Announces Exemption Of Home Loans

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai’s announcement bought jolts of joy to the citizens. The 426 citizens are now free from the repayment of house loans that sum up to AED 146 Million.
The Crown Prince of Dubai declares exemption of repayment of house loans for 426 people with modest incomes. This statement came in accordance with the orders of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The kindness of the leadership in attending to the needs of the people, ensuring their right to a decent existence, and raising their level of living is highlights of this charitable endeavour. The entire initiative falls in line with the festive Eid Al-Fitr celebration. The choice demonstrates how committed the leadership is to ensuring the welfare of the populace and how determined it is to give them the tools necessary to contribute to the country’s continuous progress.

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Higher Committee for Development and Citizens Affairs Will Overlook The Implementation Of Loan Exemption

Loan Exemption
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The ordeal has been passed by the royal members and now is the time to overlook the initiative till it reaches its final stage. The Crown Prince of Dubai has instructed this department to overview a smooth and effortless implementation of these loan exemptions.

The UAE government dedicatedly highlights the welfare of its people. They are helping by putting policies and programmes into place that enhance their quality of life. This will also allow them to vigorously participate in the growth of the nation.

It’s a holy deed to help the needy, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. The Royal family in collaboration with the government ensures to practice of such initiatives in line to support this act. Henceforth, we will be patiently waiting for more such news from Dubai and other Emirates.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Media Office