15 Hilarious Tweets About Travelling With Kids

by Natasha Monteiro
15 Hilarious Tweets About Travelling With Kids

Having a kid is the most wonderful time in any parent’s life – well, most of it anyway.

A wise man on Twitter, once said, “Parenting is like being a juggler except all the balls are screaming!” Here are 15 times the Twitterverse absolutely nailed it about what it’s like to travel with kids.


 15. When Mondays become your favourite day of the weekTweet By Kim Bongiorno14. When you’re out at a new restaurant, in a new city and a decision about what to eat give your kids the feels.

Tweet by James Breakwell

 13. When you’ve been looking forward to jumping into the resort pool but you drown yourself in alcohol instead
Tweet By Lurkin' Mom 12. When you have the perfect vacation planned, but then you went ahead and had kids instead
Tweet by James Breakwell

11. When you’re a celebrity and still get parenting right. #Goals
Tweet by Ryan Reynolds

10. When planning a holiday no longer requires you to look up options on Google

9. When the Doctor recommended a change of sceneryTweet by Jennifer Lizza

8. When dealing with your painful boss seems like an improvement over your vacay plans
Tweet by Pete Lynch
7. When you know that in the end it’s all worth it

 6. When you’d rather star in a movie with fire-breathing dragons than go out on a holiday with your kids
Tweet by Dax

 5. Some dreams do come true
Tweet by Marlebean

 4. The kids do have some valid points

Tweet by Housewifeofhell

 3. Do you have these on your bucket-list yet?Tweet by James2. An old Indian Legend says that eating sand is good for your kid
Tweet by Simon Holland

1. Parenting Goal Level 55 – Unlocked!

Tweet by Tyler Neylon