Home Chef Vs Pro Chef Ep 3 |Grilled Lobster In Truffle & Cheese |Chef Rohan D’Souza & Bianca Saurastri

Bosch & Siemens

On this episode of Home Chef Vs Pro Chef, we have India’s popular restaurateur & chef, Rohan D’Souza teaching our Home Chef, Bianca Saurastri on how to make restaurant-style food at home. Now how does Grilled Lobster Baked In Truffle Cheese Sauce With A Baby Gem Citrus Salad sound to you? We probably had the same reaction as you but since we were using Siemens Home Appliances, it just got so much more easy. We used Siemens Teppanyaki to saute the lobster as its high-quality stainless steel surface enhances the flavour. It not only gives fast cooking results but also is a perfect canvas for cooking light & healthy dishes. Along with that we also had with us, Siemens inductionAir system with climate control sensors that automatically adjusts the ventilation as per the smoke level, providing the chefs the perfect cooking & smoke-free ambience. A cherry on top is the fact that Siemens Home appliances give your kitchen a minimalistic and designer look as well. Watch the whole video on our YouTube channel & do try this recipe at home!

Location: Bosch & Siemens Experience Center, Andheri