Honey Singh Did B.Sc. Only For This Reason & You’d Be Surprised To Know

Honey Singh
by Mallika Khurana

Every time we look back at our teen years, we always find Honey Singh to be a huge part of them. No party or wedding was ever complete without his blockbuster tracks. Some of us even started our days listening to his amazing songs. Yo Yo Honey Singh revolutionised the kind of music Indians were used to. Well, today we got the opportunity to know more about the musical journey of this amazing singer, composer, and lyricist. He joined us on one of our episodes of Tere Gully Mein, and it is one you certainly shouldn’t miss. So, check out the full video right away!

This Is Why Honey Singh Pursued B.Sc. In College

We started our day with him on the right note by indulging in the best street food in Mumbai. To say the least, he simply loved every bite of it. It was also his first time enjoying sev puri, and it went quite well. While gorging on all the street food, we asked him to take us through the journey of his career. 

First, he shared that he barely got through 12th grade, and we’re sure most of you can relate to that as much as we did. After school ended, he decided to pursue a B.Sc. Yes, you heard that right! He revealed that even though his father supported his passion for music, he also wanted him to focus on education and go for engineering. Honey Singh was sure that engineering wasn’t suitable for him, but he certainly wanted to go for something that would convince his father to buy him a computer. He needed one to create beats and that is where the decision to go for B.Sc. in IT came in.

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He doesn’t Consume Alcohol Anymore 

Tere Gully Mein Honey Singh

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During our amazing conversation with him, Honey Singh made an interesting revelation. He shared that he had quit drinking alcohol. Putting this decision in a hilarious light, he shared that the bottles themselves came to life and told him to stop. Next, we took him to another place to indulge in more Mumbai-special food, like vada pav and misal pav.

We had a great time exploring seven bungalows with Honey Singh and learning so much about his life. If you wish to know all about it as well, catch the episode now!

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