Honey Singh Tried Sev Puri For The First Time In His Life Thanks To Curly Tales

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh Tried Sev Puri For The First Time In His Life Thanks To Curly Tales

According to Honey Singh, blue eyes do hypnotise! After listening to his 2013 hit song, Blue Eyes, every teenager thought about deep blue hypnotising eyes. Not gonna lie, everyone also wanted to have blue eyes. He and his songs ruled out generation. On this exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein, Honey Singh was interviewed by Arohi Thatte. They went on to explore the lanes of 7 Bungalows in Andheri to try yummy street food and talk about his life. Watch the full episode for more details.

Honey Singh Ate Mumbai’s Sev Puri For The First Time In His Life

Honey Singh never really explored the typical street food of Mumbai and we were very much honoured to do that for him. We started with the classic Pani Puri and he enjoyed popping a couple of Pani Puri. He went on to say that he loved them because Delhi’s Gol Gappe are on the spicier side which he doesn’t like.

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Next, we suggested that he try Sev Puri and he replied, “What is that?” We were startled to learn that he had no idea about Sev Puri. After taking a bite he said, “Mast!” but he also requested water. Honey can’t take any amount of spice and it is ironic in a way.

He Tried This Deadly Cocktail Concoction

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Every story or incident Honey Singh has shared with us is either a funny one or an inspirational one. This time, he knowingly gave us a secret; a very unique yet deadly concoction of a cocktail drink. He went on to narrate that his friend, Alfaaz ended up mixing vodka and sugarcane juice.

That sounds delish and shot-worthy but what he went on to say next is scary for all. He told us that even after a certain point, they were scared as their drunkenness was not going down. They were extremely drunk and out of their minds for long hours. They were quite literally begging for the drunkenness to come down. That does sound scary!

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Note: We do not encourage you to try this deadly combination and be out of your senses. Please drink responsibly and you should not be underaged.

Honey Singh is a super fun person and we got very much inspired by him. We do hope that he got inspired by Curly Tales and penned down a song as well…

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