Honey Singh Thinks In Indian Food, Says Street Food Is The Best

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh Thinks In Indian Food, Says Street Food Is The Best

From learning every single lyric of Honey Singh’s songs to still getting pumped up when the club plays them, we all grew up. Yo Yo Honey Singh was a catchphrase everyone would shout at the top of their lungs. In this sensational episode of Tere Gully Mein, Honey Singh is joined by our anchor Arohi Thatte. They walked around the lanes of 7 bungalows, tried out delicious street food, and we made him try the typical Mumbai street food. Watch the full episode for more details about Honey Singh.

Honey Singh Loves Indian Street Food

While on our first street food venture, Honey was kindly requested to sing a song. He quickly starts singing his popular song – Brown Rang. With the incredible talent he has, he integrated Sev Puri into the song. Then without missing a beat, he said that Indian street food is the best!

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We were excited for Honey Singh to try Mumbai street food as he truly didn’t indulge in them much. Turns out the Delhi ka launda enjoys Mumbai’s street food a little too much. He even goes for a second serving of the sweet Pani Puri, in the middle of the interview.

He Finally Clarifies Where He Belongs From

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Genuinely, there is a lot of confusion about Honey’s origin. A lot of people go with Punjab or Delhi or even the United Kingdom as his origin place. Honey properly clarifies, “I am from Delhi.” For the UK story, he goes on to clarify that in 2004 a UK company launched him.

His music career started in the year 2007 in Punjab. Punjab played a crucial role in his career; it made him stand on his feet. It gave him a life with a roof over his head, a car, and more. Therefore, he represents Punjab more than Delhi. Then, both of them proceeded to feast on Pani Puris!

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Watch the whole episode to learn about how Honey talks about his struggle with depression and how it affected his lifestyle and his music career. Tell us in the comments which song was his best production ever.

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