Honey Singh Used To Eat Kebabs At This Known Eatery In Mumbai

by Mallika Khurana
Honey Singh Used To Eat Kebabs At This Known Eatery In Mumbai

If we are talking about music artists who revolutionised the Indian music industry, we certainly cannot leave Honey Singh from that conversation. One of the first rappers in the industry, he was all the rage as soon as he showered the world with his music. From Dope Shope to Blue Eyes, each and every one of his songs was an instant hit, and we were all vibing to it on a loop. On one of the exciting episodes of Tere Gully Mein, the iconic Yo Yo Honey Singh joined Arohi Thatte in Seven Bungalows, Andheri, to relish some Mumbaiya chaat and share his inspirational life journey with us. So, are you ready to know more about him? Catch the full episode now!

Honey Singh Used To Love The Kebabs At This Popular Mumbai Joint

After declaring Indian street food to be the best ever in the world and treating us with a few lines from Brown Rang, he indulged in some more gol gappas at Chandru’s Pure Ghee Sweets. We asked him if he had ever tried any other street food from Mumbai except for vada pav, and he revealed that he used to frequently visit Bademiyan for kebabs

When we told him about Gokul, the bar right across the street from there, he revealed that he has quit drinking alcohol completely. Honey Singh joked about this decision and said that even the alcohol bottles begged him to stop. So what will his next songs be about? We asked him, and he revealed that it’s the season of love!

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He Enjoyed Some Yummy Misal Pav With Us

Honey Singh
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After savouring some amazing chaat, we took Honey Singh to Thorat’s Barbeque Misal for his first-ever misal pav. On the way to his eatery, we asked him about the inspiration behind his songs. Apparently, it all comes from observing people around him. He keenly focuses on the world around him, and the slang people use, and turns it into relatable music for everyone.

In this episode, we also dug deeper into his life and asked him about his favourite travel destinations. He shared that he loves to interact with different people from different parts of the world more than the destinations themselves. Even though travelling is a major part of his work, he doesn’t get to explore all the new places he visits.

Next, Honey Singh shared his empowering journey of beating depression and strongly going back to work on his music, and you must watch the full video right away!

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