Hong Kong Airport Witnesses Mass Protests, Struggles To Reopen

by Mrunal Mahajan
Hong Kong Airport Witnesses Mass Protests, Struggles To Reopen

Numerous flights from Hong Kong were cancelled amid pro-democracy protest in the country on Tuesday. Thousands of passengers were stranded at the world’s third busiest airport. The airport still struggles to reopen with more than 300 hundred flights cancelled right after the protests. Carrie Lam, the city’s leader rejected the protester’s claims saying they are using lawbreaking activities in the name of freedom, reports Al Jazeera.

Credits: CNN

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Thousands of passengers were seen lining up to catch their delayed flights. The airport authorities arranged for rescheduling flights as they balmed the protestors for disrupting schedules and making it difficult. The status board at Hong Kong airport showed all the new take-off timings for delayed flights. According to The Guardian reports, Carrie Lam in a media conference said, “Violence, no matter if it’s using violence or condoning violence, will push Hong Kong down a path of no return, will plunge Hong Kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation.”

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The protests in Hong Kong had started over an extradition bill that was set to pass. Hong Kong, for over 150 years was a colony of the United Kingdom until the British decided to hand it back to China in the year 1997. Hong Kong currently has laws and rules different from China and if the bill is passed this would mean that China will have a more active role. The Hong Kongers will be unable to have certain rights that promised them democracy like the right to protest, freedom of speech and many others. And hence they are fighting for democracy and their rights.

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Credits: ABC News

The citizens of Hong Kong were attempting to flee from the airport. Thousands of anti-government protestors occupied the arrival and departure halls which led to the cancellation of all departures from Hong Kong. Take a look at the crackdown by the Hong Kong authorities by shooting one of the protestors right in the eye. The protests took a violent turn after there were guns, bombs and tear gas used against the protestors. This was one of the most violent protests the country has witnessed.