Hospital In Ahmedabad Offers Treatments For Social Media Addictions

by Kritika Kukreja
Hospital In Ahmedabad Offers Treatments For Social Media Addictions

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Samvedana Happiness Hospital in Ahmedabad offers therapy and treatments for various mental conditions including social media addictions. 

What Is It?

In this time of the world, social media is ruling all our lives. Everyone’s stuck on their phones, updating their feed or scrolling through new updates. But Ahmedabad’s Samvedana Happiness Hospital has therapies for social media addictions now. Their expertise include psychiatry, sexology and de-addiction. They believe social media has taken over our lives, and here’s the chance to re-think how it affects our lives.

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What Does Social Media Do?

The excessive use of social media leads to disconnect from real life, mental confusion, and dangerous behavioural trends. Experts at the hospital believe that any individual who uses social media constantly for an hour without any distractions, can be called as an addict. Through treatments, these addictions can be overcomed.

This hospital with modern facilities believes in overcoming the stigma attached to mental illnesses and feels it’s only a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be corrected with medications and therapy.

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