Hotel Or Airbnb: Which Is A Better Option For A Family Vacation In The UAE?

by Deeplata Garde
Hotel Or Airbnb: Which Is A Better Option For A Family Vacation In The UAE?

“To Be or not to be” is a constant struggle to resolve. Similarly, the travel quote that has been running through everybody’s mind is ‘Airbnb or Hotel Rooms’. If you agreed after reading this then we suggest you look ahead for an answer. Comparing both accommodation options can be tricky. A lot of key factors have to be taken into consideration. So we have done it all so you don’t have to.

Let The Debate Begin!

Planning a vacation is a hectic deal. We affirm that a lot of thinking goes into planning a trip. And the major chunk is dedicated to booking accommodation at your travel destination. Earlier Hotel rooms were the only option available. Hence there was no benefit of the doubt. But with ongoing trends and awareness, people are raising and converting their properties into holiday homes. It’s not only an income resource but also a profit for the travellers.

List Out The Pros And Cons Of Hotel And Airbnb


Pros  Cons
Convenient For Short-Term Stay Expensive
24/7 Helpdesk & Room Service Touristy Feeling
Easily Available Food Not Feasible for long-term stay
Added Amenities Like Gym Less Privacy



Pros  Cons
Cost Effective Self-Check Ins
Stay Like A Local Inconvenient For Less People
Can Choose Long/Medium Term Stay Hard To Find Authenticity
Best For Introverts No 24/7 Help

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What To Choose While Staying In UAE?

It all depends on your preference. We have compiled a few differences between Hotel & Airbnb for you to clear your doubts. Dubai requires Airbnb hosts to have authentic registration, so make sure they are. Some apartments (who frequently are subletting their units apart from Airbnb) have been known to limit entry to Airbnb visitors. Many hotel apartments in Dubai might be just as affordable as Airbnb. These apartments are frequently offered through hotel booking websites. So get going with that R & D. Compare prices and take location into account. In Jumeirah Village Circle, you might find a cheap Airbnb, but after blowing your cash on taxis, your trip will be unaffordable.