Hotel Treats Stuffed Toy To A Fun Staycation After 4-YO Boy Leaves It Behind; Story & Pics Are Adorable! 

After a 4-year-old child accidentally left his stuffed toy at a hotel. The staff gifted the stuffed toy with a fun staycation.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Hotel Treats Stuffed Toy To A Fun Staycation After 4-YO Boy Leaves It Behind; Story & Pics Are Adorable! 

A 4-year-old boy forgot his stuffed toy at a Holiday Inn Express in Virginia. While the little boy and his parents sent an email to the hotel staff to retrieve the stuffed toy, what followed was the cutest adventure of a stuffed toy. How cute? Well, it’s nothing short of a new Toy Story saga! The staff at Holiday Inn Express offered a staycation to the snuggle puppy. Here’s what unfolded.

Staff At Holiday Inn Express Offer Stuffed Toy, A Staycation

An X user, @EODHappyCaptain revealed on the microblogging site that his toddler left his toy at Holiday Inn Express in Virginia. The concerned father called the hotel and the staff informed him that they would get it in an email. The next morning when @EODHappyCaptain opened his email, he was pleasantly surprised to see his 4-year-old son’s stuffed toy enjoying a staycation. 

The message showed a slew of pictures of the plush puppy toy seated on the front desk, in front of snacks, taking a nap and even having a little workout. Next to the pictures were little diary entries of the stuffed puppys day. Apparently, the stuffed puppy’s adventures also included handling the front desk and wowing the guests with its friendly and polite nature.

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They Concocted A Cute Story & Sent Adorable Pics Of The Plush Puppy

When the stuffed toy felt hungry, he “munched” on Chex mix and “drank” orange juice. And even “told” the hotel staff how he couldn’t wait to return home to his 4-year-old friend. The plush puppy toy even used the computer in the lobby to locate his friend. And then got distracted with pictures of squirrels.

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The stuffed toy was seen near washing machines, where he “helped” the staff load sheets in the machines. The 4-year-old boy’s furry friend was a cute little helper for the team at Holiday Inn Express. The cute email sent by the staff showed the plush toy near the breakfast tray and even placed near dumbells. Talk about building up an appetite! The last picture showed the stuffed dog with other stuffed animals like a dinosaur and a unicorn. “He made new friends and the he will surely be missed”, Holiday Inn Express, signed off!

Isn’t this the cutest little tale?

Cover Image Courtesy: @EODHappyCaptain/ Instagram

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