How Much Caffeine Consumption Is Safe For You?

by Kritika Kukreja
How Much Caffeine Consumption Is Safe For You?

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For all you caffeine lovers out there, there’s good news and bad news about the consumption.

What Is It?

Caffeine might be a complicated drug to understand but it is the most commonly consumed psychoactive (stimulant) consumed by majority of the world population. It has positive effects on the human body like it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, and alzheimer’s disease. But here’s a message for all you coffee lovers – there’s a limit to caffeine that can be consumed safely. This means, after exceeding that limit, your body could react adversely to it. 

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How Much Is Safe For You?

Now we all consume caffeine everyday. Whether it is with beverages like tea or coffee, or in cold drinks, energy drinks, chocolates or some medications. Generally, a cup of coffee contains about 50 to 400 mg of caffeine, but is that safe to consume on a daily basis?

Medically speaking, a person can easily consume up to 400 mg of caffeine in a day without suffering from any adverse effects. So as an estimate, a home-made cup of coffee can contain around 50-100 mg caffeine, whereas a Starbucks Grande cup can contain up to 300 mg.

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What Are The Adverse Effects?

When it comes to caffeine intake, the adverse are classified into short-term and long-term effects. The short term effects can be seen over a period of a few hours to a few days. They include restlessness, hyperacidity of the stomach, insomnia, faster heart rate, sweating and irritability. The long-term adverse effects include high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety disorder and panic disorder. 

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