How To Escape Delhi’s Smog With These Five Easy Hacks

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
How To Escape Delhi’s Smog With These Five Easy Hacks

We all are victims of the thick blanket of smog in the air that has affected Delhi NCR and the surrounding regions majorly. The zero-visibility days have been choking us all.  This hazardous air pollution state has also resulted in road accidents and delay in flights and trains. Here’s how you can prevent this calamity in five simple steps.

1. Avoid Cardio Workout / Going Out

Doctors have declared it be unsafe to go out and be exposed to the hazardous air, especially during outdoor workouts. This will increase the potentiality of air intake and the pollutants will enter the lungs making it riskier. So, stay inside until the situation becomes better.

2. Cover Yourself

The irritants present in the air might cause skin infections and eruptions, so it’s important to cover yourself with full-sleeves clothes and a mask is a must to protect from these pollutants entering your body. According to Medical experts, N95 and N99 pollution masks are most effective.

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3. Install Air Purifiers

This is the most essential step to control the air quality from getting worse. The air purifiers can be installed at your home or workplace to purify the air so that it’s easier and safer to breathe. Install air purifiers in your rooms, especially if you’re an asthma patient.

4. Green Plants

Install more of green plants in your workspace or in your rooms. This is a natural way of purifying the air and a natural therapy of breathing into a healthier life.

Besides these, keep check of the pollution level in your city and take measures accordingly. Stay safe, stay indoors and breathe in healthy.

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5. Drink Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated helps in flushing the harmful pollutants from your body. Keep a balanced diet with lots of water intake to keep your body intoxicated and healthy. You can add basil leaves and honey to your diet to boost the immune system.


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