How To Select The Best Wine To Toast For Valentine’s Day? We Got You ‘The’ Guide

Cheers to love, romance, and the perfect bottle of wine!

by Tejashee Kashyap
How To Select The Best Wine To Toast For Valentine’s Day? We Got You ‘The’ Guide

What better way to celebrate this special occasion as Valentine’s Day approaches than with a bottle of exquisite wine?  Whether planning a cosy dinner for two or a grand gesture of affection, selecting the finest quality wines can elevate your Valentine’s Day experience. “For those seeking the pinnacle of wine enjoyment, the journey involves discerning the finest quality,” says Gokul Kurhade winemaker at Chateau Indage. Kurhade helps us discover the perfect wines to complement the mood and delight the senses on this cherished day:

1. Colour Of The Wine

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Before embarking on your wine selection journey, take a moment to understand your preferences and those of your partner. “A visual symphony unfolds as the colour reveals nuances of the grape’s journey. Reds, from vibrant purples to deep garnets, and whites, from pale straw to golden hues, paint a canvas,” expressed Kurhade. Are you inclined towards bold reds, crisp whites, or perhaps a sparkling indulgence?

2. Aromas To Flavours

Swirling the wine before sniffing can intensify the aroma, making it easier to discern its nuances. “The intensity and complexity of these scents provide the first clues to the quality within. A fine wine is an olfactory composition, weaving together fruits, florals, spices, and earthy tones,” he adds.

3. Trust Your Palate

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“The palate discerns the symphony of flavours, each note contributing to the wine’s overall brilliance,” he shares. The initial taste brings the flavour to its full peak. Trusting your palate is fundamental to enjoying wine fully. “Beyond taste, the texture of the wine on the palate is a tactile experience. Velvety smoothness or structured robustness adds a layer of sophistication. The mouthfeel enhances the overall enjoyment,” he adds.

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4. Layers Of Intrigue

Understanding the structure and complexity of wine is essential for appreciating its nuances and character fully. “In red wines, the structure lies in the tannins, providing the architectural framework for
ageing. Aged with finesse, these wines evolve gracefully. Acidity, the backbone of whites, imparts freshness, ensuring a harmonious balance,” he explains. “The hallmark of a truly exceptional wine lies in its complexity.”

5. Vintage & Ageing

Some wines are classics; they promise a voyage that gets better with age. “Tannins and acidity, when masterfully crafted, offer wines the potential to mature gracefully,” he explains the importance. “Vintage after vintage, a winemaker’s signature style becomes a mark of excellence.”

There are many rules, but ultimately, what truly determines a wine’s greatness is personal taste. “The finest wine is the one that resonates with individual taste, creating a unique symphony for each aficionado,” Kurhade concludes.

Cheers to love, romance, and the perfect bottle of wine!

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