Howrah Metro Station: Around ₹8000 Cr Cost, Status & More About India’s Deepest Metro Station

by Shreya Rathod
Howrah Metro Station: Around ₹8000 Cr Cost, Status & More About India’s Deepest Metro Station

West Bengal had introduced another metro line in addition to the existing Kolkata Metro. The line is set to connect with Howrah, a city situated on the western bank of the Hooghly River. Recently, the Ministry of Railways shared the progress of the Howrah Metro Station—here’s all about it!

Howrah Metro Station, India’s Deepest Metro Station

The Howrah metro station is located on Kolkata Metro Line 2 in the Howrah neighbourhood. Constructed beneath the recently constructed Howrah railway station complex, the metro station serves as a transportation hub for the Howrah station and facilitates interchange with other Indian Railways zones.

It is India’s deepest metro station. India’s largest under-river metro tunnel crosses the Hooghly River to link the station to Mahakaran station in Kolkata to the east; Howrah Maidan is the station’s neighbour to the west. It is anticipated that the station will open in December 2023. The construction cost of Line 2 is estimated to be ₹8000 crore!

On the remaining portion of Line 2, passengers can use interchanges to access the Kolkata Metro. Additionally, passengers can access suburban, regional, and long-distance services provided by Eastern Train and South Eastern Railway by immediately connecting the station to the Howrah train station. According to the Ministry of Railways, the construction of this deepest metro station at 35 metres is going in full swing. Moreover, once it is completed, it will change people’s lives!

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Earlier in June, the residents of Kolkata’s Bowbazar neighbourhood have been informed by Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw that their complaints are being taken into consideration. He inspected Kolkata’s East-West Metro, which is expected to open to the public by the end of this year and runs from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade. The minister started by inspecting Howrah Maidan station and then proceeded to Howrah station, which is set to be the deepest Metro station in India, by taking a tram inspection through a tunnel. This metro station has four subterranean levels and was constructed 33 metres (108 ft) below the surface.

Line 2 AKA The Green Line

kolakta line 2
Credits: Wikimedia

West Bengal’s Kolkata Metro Line 2, sometimes referred to as the Green Line and East-West Metro, is a rapid transit route. It lies beneath the Hooghly River to connect Howrah, and an eastern expansion is also proposed for Teghoria. Currently, it includes an operating portion between Salt Lake and Sealdah. It would span a distance of 22 km and comprise 17 stations, 11 elevated and 6 subterranean, from Teghoria (Haldiram) in the east to Howrah Maidan in the west.

Since it would link two of India’s biggest business districts (Salt Lake Sector V and BBD Bagh) with the country’s two biggest commuter and long-distance train terminals (Howrah and Sealdah), it is anticipated to have a very high ridership. Additionally, it would link Kolkata’s IT sector, Sector 5, with the city’s industrial hub, Howrah.

An expansion of the East-West Metro line has been planned by the West Bengal government. According to this plan, Teghoria’s East-West Metro will once more be connected to the Dum Dum Airport-New Garia Metro (Haldiram). The projected Teghoria station, Sector V, and Howrah Maidan will be the three finishing stations for the East-West Metro.

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The suggested extension is being studied, and before it can be put into effect, multiple approvals are required.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railways/ X  (Formerly, Twitter)

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