India’s First Underwater Metro: Kolkata Metro Begins Trial. Here’s All You Need To Know

by Shreya Ghosh
India’s First Underwater Metro: Kolkata Metro Begins Trial. Here’s All You Need To Know

Kolkata Metro is all set to write history! The City of Joy is soon going to be the home to the first underwater metro services operating in India. The underwater metro is all set to go for a test run on 9 April 2023. Two trains of 6 coaches are ready to run on the metro routes as a trial. With this grand beginning to the Kolkata metro route, the Kolkata East-West Metro Project adds a great landmark to the city’s metro services. Here’s all you need to know about the test run!

All The Details About Trials Of India’s First Underwater Metro At Kolkata

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  • These two metro trains are going on a trial on the tunnel built under the Hooghly River.
  • According to a report by LiveMint, these trains of the Kolkata East-West Metro Project are taking the test run between Esplanade and Howrah Maidan. A stretch of 4.8 kilometre has been made.
  • This trial run is taking place from Salt Lake to Howrah. The trains are passing through the tunnel constructed between Sealdah and Esplanade.
  • A 16.6 km long stretch and 6 underwater tunnels are part of Phase 1 of this metro project.
  • The 6 underwater tunnels are 30 metres deep, according to a report by

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According to a report by The Times Of India, an official shared with them that the metro trains from Sealdah to Esplanade will run a battery-powered loco on Sunday. This will only be seen from Sealdah and Esplanade as this tunnel has no electrified third rails. On the other hand, the metro trains to Sealdah and then from Esplanade to Howrah Maidan will run as usual.

This Is A Momentous Achievement For Kolkata

The project for constructing the underwater metro is continuing for a long time in Kolkata. The City of Joy is not just the first Indian city to run metro services, but it is also now the first city in India with underwater metros. The test run on Sunday will represent whether it is all set for public access for regular transportation.

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No dates for initiating the underwater services have been announced yet.

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