5 Things To Know About Kolkata’s Kavi Subhash Mega Metro Station

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Things To Know About Kolkata’s Kavi Subhash Mega Metro Station

Do you know which city in India is the first to get metro rail services? It is the City of joy, Kolkata. This city is witnessing transportation on metro railways ever since 1984 and the services have seen such a vast development in these past decades. From getting new routes to better facilities and services, travelling on the Kolkata metro is surely a beautiful experience. And the city is all set to launch the first mega station of the Kolkata metro, Kavi Subhash.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Newest Kavi Subhash Mega Metro Station:

Kavi Subhash
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

1. Kolkata’s First Mega Metro Station

Kavi Subhash is the first ever mega metro station of the Kolkata metro railways. Known as the Orange Line of Kolkata metro railways, this will start providing facilities and services very soon.

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2. This Will Become A Convergence Point For 2 Metro Routes

These two metro lines; Kavi Subhash to Dakshineshwar and Kavi Subhash to Airport will soon be converging at the newest Kavi Subhash mega metro.

3. This Is Going To Be The Beginning Of New Routes

The mega metro station of Kolkata is going to be an integral addition to the city’s metro services. There are plans to extend the lines in the direction of Baruipur and the Kavi Subhash mega station will help to lead that route. Kaushik Mitra, the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Kolkata Metro rail shared this new addition.

4. The Mega Metro Station Has Got Approval

Kavi Subhash
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The office of the Commissioner of Railway Safety has permitted services for passengers in a specific part of this metro line.

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5. Ease In Getting Access From Many Places

This metro station is very close to New Garia station. Passengers who travel to the New Garia station will be easily able to catch the Kavi Subhash metro and travel to the stations falling under its routes. Passengers from far distances such as Canning and Diamond Harbour can catch this metro by travelling to New Garia station.

Along with Kavi Subhash, another of the two mega metro stations of Kolkata is Esplanade.

All these new lines will help passenger transportation better and smoother.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons