Hyderabad: Food Safety Dept Raids Rameshwaram Cafe, Baahubali Kitchen; Finds Expired Food Items, Cockroaches & More

The Food Safety Department officials found the restaurants violating guidelines.

by Shreya Ghosh
Hyderabad: Food Safety Dept Raids Rameshwaram Cafe, Baahubali Kitchen; Finds Expired Food Items, Cockroaches & More

The Food Safety Department often conducts raids at restaurants and eateries. This time, the Telangana Food Safety Department officials raided multiple popular restaurants in Hyderabad and found some shocking things during the process. The department raided the famous Rameshwaram Cafe and Baahubali Kitchen on Thursday. Here’s everything the officials came across during the inspections.

The Team Headed To The Rameshwaram Cafe On May 23

Taking to the X platform, Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana) shared important information about the raids at The Rameshwaram Cafe and Baahubali Kitchen.

The first prominent restaurant raided in the Madhapur area was The Rameshwaram Cafe. The officials discovered the place violating the necessary guidelines. During the raid, they found an expired stock of urad dal weighing 100 kg. Worth ₹16,000, the expiry date of this urad dal was dated March 2024. The task force team also discovered this place storing 10 kg of expired Nandini Curd and 8 litres of milk. The team discarded all these unusable products on the spot.

The officials also seized 450 kg of improperly labelled raw rice and 20 kg of white lobia worth ₹26,000. They also seized 300 kg of unlabelled jaggery. It was worth about ₹30,000. On top of all this, they could not get medical fitness certificates for food handlers. Lastly, dustbins at The Rameshwaram Cafe were not covered properly.

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The Next Raid Was At The Baahubali Kitchen

While inspecting this restaurant, the task force team discarded synthetic food colours discovered in the kitchen. One of the most shocking findings was heavy cockroach infestation in the kitchen. The insects were seen on food articles inside the store room. Sadly, there were no records for any pest control procedure.

Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana stated that the conditions of the kitchen were very unhygienic. The officials found the staff storing raw food items and semi-prepared food improperly inside a fridge. Also, they saw stagnant water in the cleaning area. Baahubali Kitchen could not provide medical fitness certificates for the food handlers. Lastly, the FSSAI License True Copy was not presented as well.

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Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana)

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