I Attended The Backstreet Boys Mumbai Concert & Oh My God, They’re Back Alright! ALRIGHT?!

by Rachna Srivastava
I Attended The Backstreet Boys Mumbai Concert & Oh My God, They’re Back Alright! ALRIGHT?!

* Backstreet Boys playlist on phone on full blast*

Shyam 4.30 baje: En route to Jio World Garden, BKC for a dreamy, nostalgic evening.

Shyam ke 5.30 baje: Media Pass collected from Gate 3, Media Box Office.

Shyam ke 6-7.30 baje: Waiting for a fren and then entering the venue.

Shyam ke 7.36 baje: 5 dreamy American boys…err…men (part of the OG boy band, we say), who have enthralled all the ‘90s kids, take to the stage, start with a snazzy entrance, and send the crowd into a frenzy.

And the rest? Well, that’s below!

Backstreet’s Back, Alright?

Backstreet Boys DNA
Image Courtesy: RVR16

Thousands of fans cheer and scream, “Backstreet’s back, alright!” in unison. And, boy, oh boy, they were back and how! After 13 years, Backstreet Boys came back to India. On their maiden Mumbai tour and second trip to India, you can see the crowd overflowing with excitement. “That makes you larger than life,” they croon and the whole of BKC streets were shook by the audience screaming. Pretty sure folks at nearby offices around Jio World Garden, would have had a hard time. 

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It was hours of BSB songs. And suddenly, it was not 2023 anymore, but my childhood flashing before my eyes. Yep, imma true blue ‘90s kid! While sharing a camaraderie with the teammates and fans, Nick talked about how old each band member was when they first started. And it was surreal. And super-duper nostalgic, because I was still in bloomers when the band rose to fame (yeah, that’s how old I am). 30 years later, we are still fans, still get coy with ‘em eyes and still love their swag.

Here’s a quick low-down of the Backstreet Boys DNA India Tour (Mumbai)

Name of the concert: Backstreet Boys DNA India Tour (It is World, but in India, they are covering two cities, Mumbai and Delhi).

Band members: Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson

Duration: 2 hours

No. of songs performed: 33

No. of fans grooving to the beats: 12,000

Crowd at Jio Garden for Backstreet Boys
Image Courtesy: RVR16

Celebs in attendance: Shraddha Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Benny Dayal, Jacqueline Fernandes, Natasha Dalal, Maniesh Paul, Karishma Mehta, Malaika Arora, Dhvani Bhanushali, Rohan Joshi, Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar, Meezan Jafri, etc.

Whom should we thank for bringing Backstreet Boys to India again? BookMyShow and Live Nation

Cutest Moment: AJ’s pink nails. Loved it!

Surreal Moment: When they sang I Want It That Way and Everybody and the whole venue echoed. 

Fun Moment: When they were talking about the ‘90s, how old each one was when they first started, and how 30 years have gone by. 

Hot Moment: When Nick quipped how hot Mumbai was and took off his leather jacket, but the audience didn’t want him to put it back on.

Quirky Moment: I heard this, but didn’t see it with my own eyes. Rumour has it AJ McLean threw his undie at the ladies. Wonder who got it!

Another cute moment: When the band members took turns to say Hindi words like, “Namaste” and “Dhanyawad” throughout the show.

Image Courtesy: RVR16

F&B: A number of F&B brands were present for hearty (also expensive) meals. And the drinks counter was never not packed. Food inside such concerts is always marked up, but at least, it was delicious.

Trashy Moment: When in the F&B zones, fans perched themselves on top of the table, standing and sitting. No space was left unoccupied. Where does a woman go to sit and eat? Floor it was!

Wow moment: When the boys made everyone feel the show ended, it all went quiet and they concluded with Don’t Go Breaking My Heart followed by Larger Than Life and confetti cannons and wowing fireworks!

Wow-er Moment: The final, final firework that lit up the Mumbai sky.

‘Oh, no!’ moment: Right after the fireworks concluded, the thick smoke in the sky added to the already quaky AQI of the city. I sighed.

Have they still got it? Hell, yeahhhh! They got the moves, the smooth, dreamy voices, and the humour that sticks. And man, they didn’t take breaks, in between. It was only when they were interacting with the crowds, otherwise, it was back-to-back singing and coordinated dancing.

Super uh-uh moment: Where I thought the Boys were lip-syncing. And I could see AJ on screen and even Kevin once making an “uh-oh-I-forgot-the-line-and-missed-the-note-face”. I was too far away from the stage to confirm my suspicions. Anyone else feel the same? Or was it just me?

My Cute Moment: When I ran into Jacqueline Fernandez and she was sweet in person.

Can you imagine 12,000 fans, a fully-sold show in May in Mumbai? But, the “boys” brought the “cool” quotient just about right as it turned out to be quite breezy. 

I have always had a tryst with destiny when it comes to attending a concert in Mumbai. But I do find myself in the sea of crowds, swaying to the artists coming to enthral us. This time, too, was no exception. But the minute Backstreet Boys concert started, it was all worth it. Will I do it again? Hell yeah! Will I want it that way? No. Will I arrange for better transport when attending a concert in Mumbai? Double, hell yeah! 

Were you there yesterday? Let us know if you were at the show and how was your night in the comments section below.

Where Was It? Jio World Garden, BKC
When Was It?: Thursday; May 4, 2023

Cover Image Courtesy: RVR16

*croons: You’re the one for me; You’re my ecstasy; You’re the one I need* *kthanxbye*