I Explored North Goa For 3 Days & Here Are The Best Cafes, Budget Stays & Beaches I Discovered

by Tania Tarafdar
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“Travelling is a paradox, just like an art, no matter how much of it you’ve done, you’ve not done enough.”

Goa is a different experience, especially for north Indians. Therefore, no matter how many times one may visit Goa, there is always an excitement of going back again. I have visited Goa as many as eight times in my life and back-to-back three times a year, which simply shows my love for the Goa. Since I have visited many times, North Goa is at my fingertips, and therefore, I am sharing the entire itinerary. Whether you are looking for a budget trip or a luxurious one, it will undoubtedly help you.

Goa’s return ticket from Delhi will cost you around ₹8k to ₹9k if you book a month or weeks in advance. Once you reach the airport, you can take a taxi costing ₹1500 rent out a scooty at ₹300 or ₹350 to save money on both sides. I usually book an evening flight to land in Goa so that I directly jump into a party and book a cheap room just for luggage and catch a couple of hours of sleep.

The Right Place To Stay In North Goa

Now the biggest question is which part of the North Goa to stay. If you are going in a group and want to stay at a happening and crowded place, Baga & Calangute has excellent budget-friendly options. If you are going as a couple and want to live in luxury and enjoy unique cafes, then Anjuna & Vagator is your place. If you are going solo and want peace along with parties, Morjim is the place to stay. If you cannot decide from these options, then stay at Candolim. I have waited almost everywhere in North Goa. In Goa, beaches are around, and hence I do not see a point in spending time visiting one beach after another, therefore few beaches suffice the purpose. On my last trip, I choose to stay in Casa Vagator, one of Goa’s beautiful properties.

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 Day 1

I started my day early visiting “Reis Magos Fort” which is near Panaji. It is a fantastic place to be in the morning, and the views are good. But the best thing is the road that leads to the fort. You would ride along the shore with the sound of water. Best way to explore Goa is through a scooty, so taking one on rent is the best option. I headed for my breakfast at one of my favourite bakeries, “German Bakery Anjuna”.

This place is quite affordable yet unique. A good breakfast gives you different energy to head up for more. After a little break back to my hotel, I headed to one of my favourite shacks “Shiva Cafe Anjuna”. It is such a relaxing place in a perfect corner. A right shack in a Goa afternoon is a must where you can relax and enjoy the cold breeze at the seaside. When one visits Goa, a must thing is to spend an evening sitting at a shack at Baga beach closer to the waves. That gives an incomparable experience from anywhere else. That vibe, that crowd and sound waves make it complete. Therefore, I spent my evening on the first day at Baga.

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Day 2

Next morning, after my breakfast, I had plans to visit Chapora Fort (the same fort was in Dil Chahta Hai). I have been to this place many times, and I can never get enough sea views from this hilltop fort. I like to just sit in the corner and relax.  After having a good time at the fort, I went to Calangute Cafe Lane for my lunch. This place has a different aura altogether with balcony cafes on both sides of the roads. This place gets fancy and exciting in the evening. However, I was here for lunch at a famous place called “Fisherman’s Wharf”. The food is too delicious here.

In the evening I planned for a discrete place “Cafe Liliput”. This place is on a beach not too big but has a good crowd. You sit high on the top with a sea view and the light show or fire show depending upon the day. This place gives you a fresh experience of spending an evening. Not Tito’s Lane, Here Are 7 Best Beach Clubs In Goa To Party Till The Crack Of Dawn.

Day 3

So, after spending great two great days in Goa, the last day had to be fancy, and hence I kept this for the final. I started my day visiting “Morjim Beach”, one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. Walking and sitting there with less crowd and long shores is an extraordinary experience. If you are looking for some me-time, this is the place for you. Then I went to a beautiful shack called “S2Beachshack”. Trust me this place won’t let you feel less than any other foreign country. It is so clean and serves you delicious food.

One the way back to the hotel for an afternoon break, I went to the most famous “Para Road”. This road looks magnificent with palm trees on both sides of the road. After that, I planned to spend my evening lavishly, therefore headed to Anjuna and Vagator. I enjoyed the sunset at the Purple Martini, and my day ended with Antares Beach Cafe. These cafes have their charm with a fantastic crowd and vibe. However, they can be quite expensive too for a budget traveller. 

That’s how I spent my three days in Goa. Next morning, I took a flight and back to Delhi. 

Below is the list of beaches and cafes you must definitely visit in North Goa:

North Goa Beaches

  1. Morjim Beach
  2. Vagator Beach
  3. Baga Beach
  4. Thalassa Anjuna
  5. Titlie Vagator
  6. Purple Martini Anjuna
  7. Antares Vagator

North Goa Cafes

  • Cafe Liliput Anjuna
  • Curlies Anjuna
  • German Bakery Anjuna
  • Shiva cafe Vagator
  • Fisherman’s Wharf Calangute

Overall Cost for the trip :

  • ₹8500 return flight from Delhi
  • I spent ₹18000 on stay. However, it depends upon the need. You can find a nice OYO or cottage beachside even in ₹1200 per night in Calangute or Candolim to save money.
  • ₹1200 on scooty with fuel
  • ₹5000 on food & booze

Things to know :

  • A helmet is a must for scooty riders if you don’t wish to waste money on a penalty.
  • Don’t use taxi from one part to another in Goa unless required because they are expensive.
  • Take scooty from the right place and click photo before you take it on rent.

Goa can be costly or cheap. It depends on how you plan

Contributed by Mayank Gupta. 



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