If You Don’t Carry Printed Train Tickets While Travelling To Austria & Hungary From Ukraine, You’ll Have To Pay Additional Fee

The Ukrainian Railways has shared that this is because the train services to Austria and Hungary are operated in partnership with local railways.

by Tashika Tyagi
If You Don’t Carry Printed Train Tickets While Travelling To Austria & Hungary From Ukraine, You’ll Have To Pay Additional Fee

If you’re planning to travel from Ukraine to Austria or Hungary, then make sure you have a printed ticket in hand, the Ukrainian Railways has reminded its passengers. They took to their official X (formerly Twitter) account to remind people of this rule and even mentioned how failing to do so can lead to a penalty. Read on to know why carrying a physical ticket is important from Ukraine to these international destinations.

Printed Ticket Mandatory For International Train Travel: Ukrainian Railways

Passengers travelling from Ukraine to Austria or Hungary via Ukrainian Railways have been asked to carry a printed ticket during their travel. The Ukrainian Railways recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) and reminded people of this rule to avoid any inconvenience. If you’re wondering why, then the authorities explained that this is because international rail traffic to these countries is carried out in partnership with Hungarian and Austrian railways. They, of course, have their own set of rules that require people to have printed tickets.

Furthermore, they went on to explain that the cost of travel is distributed between the railways of the countries in proportion to the number of kilometres travelled by passengers. This can only be calculated by ticket verification which makes physical tickets an integral part of mutual control.

It is to be noted that e-tickets are still good for use if you’re travelling within the territory of Ukraine. However, for international travel, the rules change according to the country you’re travelling to.

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Additional Fee Applicable In Failing To Follow This Rule

Ukrainian Railways
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If you fail to carry a printed copy of your ticket while travelling from Ukraine to Austria or Hungary, you will have to bear an additional fee. In the tweet, Ukrainian Railways mentioned how representatives of railway companies in these countries can check travel documents, make appropriate marks on them, and record data for statistics and reporting during the visit. And if you fail to provide a printed ticket to them they may demand payment for transit traffic. While the penalty amount wasn’t specified by the authorities, they mentioned the aim is to avoid any hassles for the passengers.

So, if you’re planning to travel to or from Ukraine to any of these countries, make sure you have a printed ticket in hand. Also, please make sure to check travel updates and rules when planning an international trip as they vary from country to country. We hope this information was helpful to you all!

Cover Image Courtesy: website/Visit Ukraine & Canva

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