IIM-Lucknow Study Reveals Ayodhya Is UP’s Top Tourist Destination

This study was led by Satya Bhushan Dash and was inducted with the help of an agency, Market Excel.

by Sanjana Shenoy
IIM-Lucknow Study Reveals Ayodhya Is UP’s Top Tourist Destination

IIM-Lucknow recently conducted a study where findings reveal that Ayodhya is Uttar Pradesh’s top tourist destination. The ancient city that traces its origins back to the Hindu epic Ramayana is known for housing the stunning Ram Mandir that has beckoned tourists from all across India ever since the pran prathishta ceremony in January. Read on to know why Indians are increasingly making trips to Ayodhya this year.

Study Reveals Ayodhya Is Uttar Pradesh’s Most Sought-After Destination

The study commissioned by the state Tourism Department was conducted by the Centre for Marketing in Emerging Economies (CMEE) at IIM-Lucknow. An official spokesperson threw more light on this tourism study to Zee News. This study was led by Satya Bhushan Dash and was inducted with the help of an agency, Market Excel. This research provided them with critical insights into the branding and marketing needed to promote Uttar Pradesh’s diverse tourist destinations.

The spokesperson further stated to Zee News that this research aimed to measure the perceived image of the destination across various socio-demographic groups. It used both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the key attributes that motivate travellers to plan a trip here.

When it comes to domestic tourists, their motivation to choose a destination is dependent on spending quality time with their loved ones, the cultural and historical significance of a place and safety and security. The study also revealed how online platforms influence tourists’ holiday plans. A crucial driver for tourism growth in Uttar Pradesh is its unique destination imagery.

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Tourism Dept To Use Insights From Study To Upgrade Tourists’ Experiences

According to the researchers, there are three tourist segments. They are searchers, traditionalists and maximisers. Also, each tourist segment exhibits distinct behaviour and preferences while travelling. From differences in budgets to preferences to visit hidden spots, historical sites or natural beauty, they travel differently. The research revealed that Ayodhya is the top tourist destination amongst both domestic and international tourists visiting Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh called the insights provided by this study “invaluable”. And they will use the insights provided by this study to shape the future of tourism in UP. He stated that they are committed to enhancing the tourism experience by improving the transportation facilities, offering budget-friendly accommodations and maintaining cleanliness. With 12 different tourism circuits, the state’s tourism department is committed to catering to every tourist’s travel desires.

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When it comes to choosing a destination, tourists take into account, the emotional appeal, uniqueness, convenience and the attractions it houses. So, has this study inspired you to plan a trip to Ayodhya this year?

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