World Environment Day: Auroville, India’s First Experimental Township Is Showing The Path Of Green Living

by A. Dubey
World Environment Day: Auroville, India’s First Experimental Township Is Showing The Path Of Green Living

On World Environment Day, we present to you Auroville a community in Pondicherry where there ain’t no possessions and people of all nationalities live in harmony. Auroville is an experimental township founded in 1968 in the Union territory of Puducherry(Pondicherry). Auroville belongs to nobody in particular but to humanity as a whole and its doors are open to one and all regardless of age, nationality, financial status or religious views. Founded upon the visions of the late yogi Shri Aurobindo, Auroville strives for peace, harmony, knowledge and upliftment. This place in Pondicherry is leading the way for sustainable living and here’s how.

Auroville, The Perfect Spot For Self-Exploration

The total number of permanent residents in the commune are about 2800 that have come to settle here from 54 nationalities, and what all of these different people have in common is the drive for individual growth. Located on the eastern coastline 150 kms south of Chennai, Auroville along with neighboring Pondicherry is flocked with travelers from all over the world that come here to get a taste of the laid-back beach life, tropical climate, French colonial culture, artsy Mediterranean cafes and the alternative spiritual lifestyle. So if you’re fresh outta college or in a mid-life crisis, Auroville may just be the place for you to find some answers for yourself and have some fun with your self-exploration.

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Auroville has a lot that’s its got going inside. Its much like a mini-verse or a sentient entity that looks after itself. So heres a brief summary of  all the things that make up Auroville:


the Auroville Charter handwritten in French.

The Matrimandir

Auroville is built around the Matrimandir (Sanskrit for temple of the mother). It is a meditation hall in the form of a large sphere surrounded by 12 petals and contains the largest optically-perfected glass globe in the world.

under the Matrimandir
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It took 37 years to build, from laying the foundation at sunrise on 21st Feb 1971 – to its completion in 2008. The Matrimandir does not belong to any particular religion or sect and is open to public by appointment.

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To make your appointment to visit the Matrimandir click here


There are a myriad of volunteering opportunities at Auroville. The areas of work include: alternative healthcare, ecological practices, building maintenance, renewable energy, primary and secondary education, village outreach, architecture, organic farming, etc. Short and long term volunteering opportunities are offered here and is a great way for someone to test the waters for someone considering to move here.

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volunteers working in the buddha garden in Auroville

Click here to look up volunteering opportunities@Auroville.


Auroville’s 5 week Swadharma programme is a transformative learning adventure with the goal of self discovery. Best suited for ages 18 through 28, the programme is based on helping the youth figure out their calling and realizing their potential. Short term programmes and workshops are also offered here.

learning is fun in Auroville
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For more details click here.


Auroville is a constantly growing city. Architects from all over the world contributed to the vision since its conception over 50 years ago. Auroville has been the hub of experimentation in architecture with various aspects including: building technology, building materials and Eco-friendly architecture the successfully harmonizes with the surrounding environment and proves to be cost effective. Pioneering construction and building technology used here have won numerous design awards and grants for architectural research and innovation. The Auroville Earth Institute is now working in over 35 nations to transfer and promote knowledge of Earthen and sustainable architecture.

contemporary architecture of an Auroville school.

Read about Auroville Earth institute here

Environmentally consious activities 

A vast number of projects are ongoing in and around the area. Water harvesting, forestation, waste management, organic farming, ecological and rural development, renewable energy, to name a few.

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Visit the Auroville Green practices page here.


Auroville has a population of over 600 children and an approach to education that’s quite interesting. Here structured schooling is provided till the age of 14 and higher too, the education system is recognized by national and intentional bodies.

student diversity in the ‘Auroville-future school’
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There are many kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Whats make education really fascinating here is the fact that teachers of kindergarten are from France, Germany, Italy and India whereas children could be native of Russia, South Africa or maybe even Peru, though the medium of education is English. Cultural and anthropological diversity ensures that the child is raised with a greater perspective and global exposure.

awareness through the body therapy at Auroville kindergarten
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Art AndCulture

Art enjoys a very revered stature in the Aurovillian society, and much of the community consists of artists and creative people. Auroville is home to a great platform to showcase and celebrate various different art forms.

a jazz concert in Auroville

Art centers for showcasing a myriad of performing arts is widely prevalent here. Some of the art form admired here are dance, classical music, poetry, filmography, to name a few. There are a lot of group art projects and initiatives running here, which makes Auroville a great place for artist to find asylum.

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one of the Auroville chiors
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Healthcare System

The healthcare scene in Auroville is quite intriguing too. There is a lot of focus of health and well being, through holistic treatment. Martuvam Healing Forest is a 7 acre medicinal forest in Aurroville propagating Siddha form of medical treatment utilizing natural medicinal herbs. Homeopathy, Ayurveda and other forms of holistic healing modalities are also popular here.

the auroville ambulance
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To sum up, Auroville has a lot of offer as a travel destination. While here, it is best to get involved in some of the activities, there’s so much that goes on!

  • Auroville is 30 mins drive from Pondicherry and 3 hour drive from Chennai.
  • There’re no automobiles inside Auroville, people get around just fine on cycles and mopeds, easily available on rent.