Imdad Restaurant Serves The Crunchiest Jalebis In Dubai

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Nestled in the buzzing lanes of the Bohri community, Imdad restaurant has been serving the crunchiest jalebis in town for over 30 years now. Find out what makes it historic.

What’s It?

Ever visited Naif street on a Friday morning? If you’re nodding, then chances are you know the hero of this area! Imdad’s crispy, sugar-soaked jalebis make its appearance only on Friday mornings and they’re gone even before you can realize.

Chacha, ada kilo jalebi. Crunchy– is one of the popular dialogues you will hear if you head here on Fridays. A simple white shirt, a white skull cap hiding his bald head and an infectious smile under his peppered goatee is how one would identify chacha. Worshippers heading to the Bohri masjid make a pit stop at this 30-year old kitchen to savour the orange-coloured sugar fritters.



And, chacha would never let you bite into the knotted fritters without drizzling generous amounts of traditional malai. Fitness freaks, you might want to add an extra hour of cardio after gulping these, but it’s definitely worth it. Watch chacha swirl out crispy jalebis into the slithering hot tawa, and you might wonder if the magic just lies in his humble muslin cloth.  

What’s On The Menu

Although the restaurant is famous for Jalebis, they also serve a whole lot of other dishes ranging from chaats, biryani, and juices. The menu is dissected into breakfast, lunch, dinner, chaat, juice and sweets, leaving you spoilt for options. Well, head here for anything, but definitely don’t miss the crunchy jalebis on Friday mornings. It’s an experience, if not anything!


Location: Opposite Bohri Masjid, Street 16, Naif
Timings: 12:00 noon – 11:30 pm
Cost: AED 40 for two
Contact: 04-2733177

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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