In A Mid-Jump Tragedy, A French Skydiver Was Beheaded By The Airplane’s Wing That He Jumped From

by Mallika Khurana
In A Mid-Jump Tragedy, A French Skydiver Was Beheaded By The Airplane’s Wing That He Jumped From

In a tragic incident that unfolded during a wingsuit skydiving excursion in France, a skilled wingsuit skydiver, 40-year-old Nicolas Galy, lost his life in July 2018. The circumstances surrounding his untimely demise were recently brought to light in a trial held in Montauban, France, which looked into the events leading up to the fatal accident.

French Skydiver Beheaded By The Airplane’s Wing

French skydiver
Photo Credits: Canva

The ill-fated skydiving expedition took place over the picturesque town of Bouloc-en-Quercy when Galy, along with another skydiver, boarded a single-engine Pilatus plane, soaring to an altitude of 14,000 feet. However, tragedy struck as they leapt from the aircraft. The pilot, 64-year-old Alain C, initiated a rapid descent, not realising that Galy was in close proximity.

As per the Daily Hunt reports via Republic TV, The left wing of the plane struck Galy, resulting in a horrific accident that led to his decapitation. Witnesses recounted the harrowing incident during Alain’s manslaughter trial, providing a chilling account of the events.

Galy’s lifeless body descended to a field below after his emergency parachute was inadvertently deployed mid-air. Following this tragic incident, Alain was charged with manslaughter. The prosecutors contended that his reckless flying was the primary cause of Galy’s death.

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Trial Revealed The Gripping Details Of The Accident

Photo Credits: Canva

During the trial, Alain asserted that he was not responsible for the skydiver’s beheading. He said that Galy had deviated from the expected flight path. Despite having extensive experience in skydiving, Galy’s positioning in relation to the aircraft was not as expected by the pilot. As per the Daily Hunt reports via Republic TV, Alain believed that Galy was “further south” and that his flight path was logical. 

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He expressed deep remorse for the accident, referring to it as the tragedy of his life. However, he maintained that he was not at fault. During the trial, it emerged that Alain had not briefed the wingsuiters about the jump. Furthermore, it was revealed that he had failed to notice the jumpers in the air. He also acknowledged that their descent patterns could conflict with the aircraft’s path. Alain was found to be flying with a suspended licence, and prosecutor Jeanne Regagngon called for a 12-month suspension for the pilot as well as a $10,000 fine for his employer. 

The court is expected to render its verdict in November, bringing a conclusion to this tragic chapter.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva