This Ancient Temple In Tamil Nadu Is India’s First Green Energy Archaeological Site 

Tamil Nadu Temple
by Sanjana Shenoy

Tamil Nadu is now home to India’s first Green Archaeological Site. The historic Shore Temple in Mamallapuram, a  complex of 8th-century temples overlooking the shore of the Bay of Bengal is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s now achieved another significant milestone. Read on to know why you must visit this ancient Tamil Nadu temple.

Shore Temple In Tamil Nadu Is India’s First Green Energy Archaeological Site

According to a report by Times Of India, the Shore Temple in Tamil Nadu is now India’s first Green Archaeological Site. The revered UNESCO World Heritage Site has another feather in its cap after the successful implementation of the Green Heritage Project. Hand in Hand India (HiH) teamed up with Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India (Renault Nissan Tech) to bring this project to light.

Tamil Nadu Temple

Picture Credits: Canva

So what new can you expect at Tamil Nadu’s Shore Temple? What is the impact of its new “green” status? Firstly, clean and sustainable solar power will help illuminate the majestic temple complex. Authorities have installed three solar plants of 10 kilowatts each to ensure there is abundant solar power in the area. The best part is that the solar energy generated will be channelled back to the grids. This shall contribute to future energy in a sustainable manner.

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The Monument Aims To Reduce Carbon Footprint Of Tourists

Tamil Nadu Temple

Picture Credits: Canva

Secondly, the Green Heritage Project has a telos to minimise the ecological footprint of tourists in the area. For this, they have installed renewable energy sources to run essential facilities. Tourists can drink clean water generated from the solar-operated reverse osmosis (RO) plant. The innovative water purification system also has three water kiosks to ensure clean drinking water for tourists.

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Thirdly, the Green Heritage Project at Shore Temple has another aim to empower the local community. To do this, they have created a plethora of employment opportunities. Women belonging to the local community operate electric buggies. Electric vehicles (EVs) reduce the carbon footprints of tourists and promote clean transportation. There’s also a parking shed to recharge the vehicles. The electric buggies help senior citizens, pregnant women and the specially-abled commute within the vast temple premises.

Folks, are you excited to visit Tamil Nadu’s ancient Shore Temple that is now India’s First Green Energy Archaeological Site? We certainly are!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva