In Iceland Or Planning To Go To Iceland? How Safe Is It To Be There?

by Shreya Ghosh
In Iceland Or Planning To Go To Iceland? How Safe Is It To Be There?

Iceland is home to breathtaking natural beauty and this destination is on the bucket list of millions of globetrotters. Unfortunately, the European country is currently undergoing a major state of emergency with thousands of earthquakes jolting at different places. Travelling in such unprecedented seismic activities has chances to turn out to be a chaotic experience for many.

Is Travelling To Iceland Safe Now?

If you have plans to be in Iceland in the next few days, you must be scared and confused about your travel plans and your safety. We can completely understand if you are getting nervous and anxious thoughts to fly to Iceland at a time when earthquakes are jolting at any moment. Not just the tremors, but these might even trigger a volcanic eruption and cause destruction to nearby places.

Here are answers to most of your confusion about travelling to Iceland right now. From airport services and flight operations to exploring tourist attractions, here’s all you need to know about spending some days in the country as a tourist.

Are Flights Operating According To The Schedule?

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Locals are unfortunately witnessing the harsh sides of earthquakes. Places in Grindavík have already been evacuated for precautionary measures due to thousands of earthquakes tremoring at places. Visitors travelling to Iceland will surely not want to experience all such things. And the good news is that flights are running according to the schedules as of now, according to a report by The Independent. Till now, flights have not reported any change in schedule for the earthquakes.

If the airport operations continue like this, then leaving Iceland is not supposed to be a problem. Tourists need to stay updated and informed if any changes take place. Airlines are staying updated on the current situation and no disruptions in plans have been reported till now. If you are stuck in a place right now due to all that’s happening and wish to leave the place, you can surely catch a flight now. You need to take the help of locals or concerned people to reach the airport if you are not aware of the roads.

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Wondering About The Hefly Money Spent On The Holiday Package? Here’s The Answer

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We have good news for you! Right now, British visitors can travel and explore Iceland, at least the places that have not been affected. Travel companies cannot cancel the packages all of a sudden unless there is some restriction or warning about the situation from the Foreign Office. Except for the places with a risk of some natural calamities, most destinations are open for travelling.

Remember that Grindavik went through an evacuation process as a precautionary measure. Also, authorities have closed some roads for regular transportation. If you are planning to explore the famous Blue Lagoon then we have bad news to share. It is not open for visitors right now.

And What About Claiming Insurance?

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Tourists cannot simply claim the insurance because they are suddenly cancelling their plans. It is only applicable when there are the cancel for any reason policies.

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If you ask our suggestion, travelling to Iceland at the moment seems like a good idea. But remember to stay updated about any sudden changes. The end of the year is that dreamy time when globetrotters visit the country to witness the magnificence of the Northern Lights. So, are you planning the trip?

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