India Constructs World’s Highest Motorable Road In Ladakh At 19,300 Feet; Smashes Bolivia’s Record

World's Highest Motorable Road In Ladakh
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1299

Bolivia held the crown for the world’s highest motorable road. Well, not anymore! India’s Border Roads Organisation has completed the construction of the road at Umlingla Pass in Ladakh. Today, India has the world’s highest motorable road situated 19,300 feet high, smashing Bolivia’s record. Read on to find out more about this incredible feat.

World’s Highest Motorable Road Is Situated At Umlingla Pass  In Ladakh

A blacktopped road at Umlingla Pass rests in eastern Ladakh. The 52-km long tarmac road passing through Umlingla Pass is situated 19,300 feet high, making it the highest motorable road in the world. This surpasses Bolivia‘s record of a road that connects to the Uturuncu volcano at 18,953 feet. India’s road in Ladakh connects many significant towns in the Chumar sector of Eastern Ladakh. The Ministry revealed that this road has a higher altitude than the base camps of even Mount Everest as the South Base Camp in Nepal is located 17,598 feet high and Tibet’s North Base Camp at 16,900 feet.

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This Road Was Constructed Amid Extreme Weather Conditions

The world’s highest motorable road in Ladakh will help promote tourism in the region. It offers an alternative direct route to passengers travelling from Chisumle and Demchok. The Defence Ministry addressed the challenges that went into building this road in harsh and tough terrain. The temperature dropped to -40 degrees Celcius and the oxygen was almost 50 per cent that of normal place during winters. In such conditions, India’s Border Roads Organisation achieved this incredible feat through grit and determination bearing extreme weather conditions. Thanks to this road villages will be well connected and tourism shall flourish in Ladakh. Meanwhile here are 7 great reasons why you must visit Ladakh! 


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