India Falls Down To 54th Place On Travel & Tourism Index; Tops In South Asia

Travel & Tourism Index
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 454

The versatility of India lures tourists to the country from all across the globe. However, in the Travel & Tourism Index 2021 insight report of May 2022 by the World Economic Forum, the global rank of India has dropped to 54 from 46 in 2019. Having said that, India has bagged the highest rank among South Asian countries. As per the index, the top 10 economies in terms of development in the travel and tourism sector are Japan, the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Italy.


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Key Factors Used In The Index Ranking

Some key parameters that were employed for the rankings are air transport infrastructure, tourist service infrastructure, environmental sustainability, mobile network coverage, international openness, health and hygiene, price competitiveness, safety and security, business environment and cultural resources, among others.


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India Bags 6th Rank In Terms Of Natural Resources

In the Travel & Tourism Development Index, Japan has bagged the highest rank with a score of 5.2. India, on the 54th rank, has been given a score of 4.1. While the overall rank of India is 54, the country has ranked 92nd, 91st, 96th, 98th and 93rd in Business Environment, Safety and Security, Health and Hygiene, Human Resources and Labour Market, and ICT Readiness respectively. India has ranked 20th and 26th in Price Competitiveness and Air Transport Infrastructure respectively. The country has bagged 6th rank in terms of natural resources.


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