India Has A Korea In Chhattisgarh! Discover The Astonishing Tale Of Central India’s Best-Kept Secret

From mythical origins to princely legacies, discover the rich tapestry of this enigmatic land.

by Mallika Khurana
India Has A Korea In Chhattisgarh! Discover The Astonishing Tale Of Central India’s Best-Kept Secret

Nestled within the intricate tapestry of Central India lies a hidden gem shrouded in mystery and allure – Korea. Yes, you read it right. There exists a Korea in India, an enigmatic land whose history predates the 16th century yet remains largely obscure to many. Finding this Korea is like unearthing a lost chapter in history, full of legends about conquests, princely rule, and tragic run-ins with extinct species.

Unearthing The Hidden Korea In India

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The story of Korea dates back to its mythological beginnings, when the mysterious monarchy of Balenda ruled over the region. Sidhi served as the centre of Balenda’s empire, and the ruins of its opulence can still be seen there. Temples honouring Goddess Mahamaya and the massive Balend Pahad bear witness to his legacy.

As history unfolded, the tides of conquest swept across Korea, with the Kol kings and Gond landlords vying for supremacy. The Chauhan brothers, Dalthamban Sahi and Dharamal Sahi rose to prominence as a result of the shifting tides of power, their pilgrimage brought them right up to Korea. 

Generation after generation, from Devraj Sahi to Raja Gajraj Singh Dev, held the mantle of rulership. Kingdoms’ and kings’ fates were shaped by the spectre of Maratha invasions. However, Korea prospered despite the unrest, as evidenced by the leaders’ unwavering resolve.

Korea saw a period of prosperity and advancement during the rule of Raja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo. Under his wise leadership, the state’s budget increased, its infrastructure improved, and its educational system expanded. However, tragedy struck during this period of expansion when the Asiatic cheetahs went extinct. It certainly left a dark mark on Korea’s conservation history for all time.

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Mysterious Past And Modern Marvels

Photo Credits: District Korea/Website

In the present day, Korea has been discovered to be a secret haven for both environmentalists and wildlife lovers. As a symbol of the area’s dedication to protecting its biodiversity, Guru Ghasidas National Park welcomes tigers and other threatened species. It certainly enthrals tourists with its verdant forests and varied ecosystems.

But Korea’s charms go far beyond its protected areas for wildlife. The lush, verdant landscapes, adorned with gushing waterfalls and lush forests, entice travellers and explorers. The district bridges the past with the promise of a greener, more vibrant future. It also embraces sustainable tourism practices and works to protect its natural heritage for future generations.

In Korea, there is a story waiting to be found, treasured, and kept alive forever. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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