India-London Flight With Bhutan Prince Onboard Delayed Over Swarm Of Ants In Business Class

by Suchismita Pal
India-London Flight With Bhutan Prince Onboard Delayed Over Swarm Of Ants In Business Class

Some situations that can cause a flight delay might be bad weather, mechanical delays or the late arrival of a passenger. Now one more weird instance just added up to the list of reasons for flight delay. Surprisingly, it’s a swarm of ants. On September 6, ants spotted in the business class section delayed the take-off of a Delhi-London Air India flight by more than three hours. The flight was also carrying the 5-year old prince of Bhutan, Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck. The incident took place In Air India AI-111 flight. The passengers were later shifted to another Boeing 787-8.

Ants Delayed Flight
Picture Credits: MyBhutan Blog

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Ants Cause Delay In Air India Flight

The  AI-111 flight was scheduled to depart from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport at 2 PM on September 6. After the ants were spotted, the flight departure was delayed to 5:20 PM. The ants were spotted when the flight was almost ready to take off.  A tweet by ANI reads, “London bound Air India (AI-111) flight aborted take-off at Delhi airport after swarm of ants found in business class. Prince of Bhutan was on board. Later Air India changed the aircraft.”

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Other Unexpected Guests Spotted Inside Flights

Earlier, a US-bound Air India flight was flown back to Delhi in just 30 minutes after spotting a dead-bat inside the plane mid-air. The flight had departed from Delhi airport early morning. When the plane was mid-air, a dead bat was spotted in business class. In another incident, a snake was found curling around the baggage belt in a Kolkata-Mumbai IndiGo flight.

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