Flyer’s Phone Catches Fire Mid Air On Assam-Delhi IndiGo Flight; No Injuries

by Suchismita Pal
Flyer’s Phone Catches Fire Mid Air On Assam-Delhi IndiGo Flight; No Injuries

A mobile phone of a passenger caught fire mid-air on an IndiGo flight from Assam’s Dibrugarh to Delhi. Flight 6E 2037 was on its way to Delhi on April 14, 2022, from Assam. Suddenly, smoke and sparks started emitting from the passenger’s phone. The cabin crew got into action immediately to douse the fire with a fire extinguisher. No passengers suffered any injuries and the flight had landed safely at Delhi airport.

IndiGo Baggage Handler Falls Asleep In Plane’s Cargo Area In Mumbai, Reaches Abu Dhabi

In an unusual incident, an IndiGo baggage handler fell asleep in the cargo compartment of the Airbus A320 aircraft. And he ended up flying all the way to Abu Dhabi on the early morning flight, only to wake up as soon as the flight took off from the Mumbai airport. IndiGo airline realised his presence only after the flight reached Abu Dhabi and the cargo hold was opened. A medical examination of the loader revealed that he was physically stable.

A Snake  Entered An IndiGo Plane During The Unloading Of Baggage

Imagine that you walk into a flight and spot a snake posing dangerously right inside. What would be your reaction? Something similar happened with a baggage handler on a Mumbai-bound flight parked at the Kolkata Airport. The flight, which was positioned in an isolated bay area, had arrived from Raipur and passengers were yet to board it. But a baggage handler was surprised to be welcomed by an unexpected guest on the plane. It was a huge serpent curling up around the baggage belt.

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Sharing the video on Twitter, Journalist Tarun Shukla wrote, “Perhaps the snake wanted an @IndiGo6E flight as a belated 15th birthday offer yesterday. Thankfully, taken away by the Kolkata forest department. But just look at the speed.” According to a Hindustan Times report, officials have informed that it is a rat snake and is non-poisonous. As speculated, it had entered into the plane during the unloading of the baggage from the flight.

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Passengers Were Sent To Mumbai On Another Flight

Replying to the video, one Twitter user wrote, “This reminds me of the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’ lol.” Shukla wrote, “Nobody hit it that was very nice too. Meant no harm. Just came into a populated area.” Reportedly, passengers who were to board the aircraft were sent to Mumbai on another flight. Earlier, a pigeon was spotted inside an Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir flight.